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U Are A Gift Launches Campaign for Open Adoption

August 23, 2012

DALLAS, Aug. 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — (http://www.myprgenie.com) — Entrepreneur Carol Brymm launches the movement named U Are A Gift in hopes to increase awareness of open adoption in the United States. Open adoption refers to adoption where the birth parents and the adopting parents are in contact during the placement process and possibly for the entire life of the child. This type of adoption is in stark contrast to the more traditional confidential adoption where birth parents have no say in the placement of the child and no contact after adoption.

Many experts point to the positive effects of open adoption. They believe the process allows peace of mind for the birth mother, providing her access in the selection process for the adopting parents. Additionally, continued contact with the birth parents or simply knowing their own adoption background is thought to provide a stronger sense of identity for adopted children as they reach adolescence. This is thought to be a much healthier alternative to a closed or confidential adoption, which could lead to confusion as the child grows older.

The U Are A Gift movement is non-religious and non-political in nature and is meant to help women understand the option of open adoption when facing an unplanned pregnancy. In the initial phase, the campaign will start with its website www.uareagift.com, which will provide information and resources to help birth parents understand their choices in a potentially stressful time. In the future, she hopes to reach women through speaking engagements and public appearances.

In her message, Brymm is quick to point out that 1 in 8 couples are unable to give birth to their own baby. So she hopes to inspire women facing an unplanned pregnancy to look at things from a different angle-to see themselves as having a gift for a couple so desperately wanting a child. “Everything that is of you and comes from you is valuable because you have many treasures, and you have purpose,” says Brymm. “And I truly believe our fingerprints are located for easy accessibility just to remind us that there is only one you on this planet. And each of us has a unique purpose,” enthuses Brymm.

For more information regarding U Are A Gift, please visit www.uareagift.com and follow on Twitter @UareAGift.

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