Integrative Psychiatry Introduces HCG Diet Drops, Claims 0.53lb Weight Loss Daily

August 29, 2012

Integrative Psychiatry, a psychiatric and functional medicine practice company, is now offering solution to lose weight. The hcg diet drops is the latest product they have introduced for the purpose that help user to lose about 0.53 lbs of weight per day.

Sarasota, Florida (PRWEB) August 28, 2012

Integrative Psychiatrist introduces FDA approved hcg diet drops that they claim to be capable of causing 0.53lb weight loss everyday.

Mr. MARK MIRTH, the Director of Integrative Psychiatry, is excited with their latest weight loss product. According to him, weight loss solution and supplement are the most used products nowadays because people no longer want to bear the curse of obesity. However, not all of the products meet health standard and don´t provide with required result. This hcg diet drop product is manufactured in a registered laboratory of United States and meets all the manufacturing facilities and standard of the country. FDA monitors the efficiency of the product to check its compliance with the Code of Federal Regulation and Good Manufacturing Practices (CFRS and cGMPS respectively). The owners of the organization opine that the solution will help users to lose almost 0.53 lbs of weight per day. There is no side effect of taking the solution as it only targets weights loss and nothing else. They combine the weight loss solution with the hcg drops to provide faster result to the user.     

While introducing the diet drops, Mr. MARK MIRTH commented on the company´s approach while developing the product. “We make use of chosen ingredients to manufacture the product. It will keep users away from the normal side effects of taking weight loss solution. Along with losing weight, it will keep a user fuller and will control the urge for having excess food. The hcg drops target the hcg hormone in body and start working from the day one.”

He adds that their hcg diet drops is different as it prevents muscle loss and start working on those abnormal or extra fat in the body. Instead of practicing so many exercises and taking high dosage of solution, it is difficult to keep the growth of extra fat in control. This solution reduces extra weight and keeps that abnormal growth in check.

Mr. Mark Mirth, another professional of the company, is also pleased with the performance of the product and said a few words on it. He explained, “Controlling hunger is most important for those who triggers weight loss and this solution is efficient to solve the purpose successfully. With about 0.53 lbs everyday, our hcg diet drops help in effective and quicker result.”

Mr. Pope, who is an associate of a Law firm, started weight gaining and used the product to shed those extra pounds. He said, “It took only a few days to reduce weight that I was gaining faster. I take normal food and don´t feel the urge for taking food frequently.”

The hcg drops by Integrative Psychiatry are safe to use and it is suitable for both women and men. It resets the normal metabolic rate of the body to provide with noticeable weight loss result. Ingredient like Hoodia leaf, Guarana seed, Gravel root, Fennel seed and others, work in different ways to reduce weight.

About Integrative Psychiatry: Integrative Psychiatry is a well-known medicine practice and psychiatric symptom testing organization in Sarasota, Florida. The company is offering FDA approved hcg drops for faster weight loss along with symptom testing services. To know more about the product and their services refer to http://www.integrativepsychiatry.net/hcg-diet-drops.html.

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