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Another Tough Year for Care Homes

September 3, 2012

LEICESTER, England, September 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

As care homes struggle to stay compliant with regulations, iBC quality

solutions company step in to help.

With the care of elderly and vulnerable people being of utmost importance, we are
often surprised when we see the state of some of the care offered in homes across the UK.
Shocking cases in the media have led the public to question; are privately run care homes
solely profit driven?

New cases of mistreatment in care homes are being revealed daily, so, how can we stop
this? iBC Quality Solutions Director, Nizam Bata, says; “We are finding in the industry
that care homes undergoing a safeguarding investigation are not compliant with the Care
Quality Commission set out to stop the mistreatment of residents.” iBC has found that many
companies struggle as they do not have the in-house expertise to turn around their failing
care homes. Nizam continues; “In cases where care homes employ consulting firms, they are
left with a large bill and no form of support for the implementation of the strategy that
the outsourced company put together.”

iBC noted this issue, and had a goal to change the state of care homes. iBC has two
main goals; to improve the quality of care offered across the UK, and to ensure that care
home owners are continually complying with all regulations whilst ensuring their
businesses remain profitable.

Since starting the business at the beginning of 2012, iBC has helped a number of care
homes back on their feet. In order to change the homes for the better, iBC is made up of a
number of qualified care home managers and highly-experienced local authority management
along with nurses, care staff and managers. This ensures that the company is at the heart
of the care home industry at all times.

Senior Consultant Michele Lovock White adds; “We have the chance the change the UK
care home system for the better, and we are very committed to doing so. We want to let
everyone know what we are trying to do, and hope that we can change the public’s
perception of care homes.”

To find out more information about iBC Quality Solutions please visit
http://www.ibcqualitysolutions.co.uk or contact 0330-111-2945.

Editors Notes: iBC Quality Solutions are a dedicated team of professionals who have
vast experience in the care industry. The team has managed care homes for the elderly and
for vulnerable adults, including residents with mental health, dementia, learning
disabilities, sensory impairment and physical disabilities.

Meaning they completely understand the hard work and effort required to run a safe,
compliant and profitable home. We also understand the challenges that care homes face each
day in ensuring safeguarding compliance particularly with the introduction of new

Whether iBC support you with self-assessment for peace of mind, a tailored package of
support for safeguarding concerns or legislation compliance issues, there is always a team
of cost-effective experienced professionals who are here to help.

Working alongside you, iBC can identify any safeguarding problems and challenges that
your home is currently facing. It can help you carry out a self-audit and ensure your care
plans, policies, procedures and risk assessments are fit for purpose and compliant. iBC
can support you by coaching, mentoring and training your employees.

        Nizam Bata
        Tel:  +44(0)330-111-2945

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