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Dare To Bare Dimple-free Legs With Cellulaze(TM)

September 10, 2012

NEW YORK, Sept. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Now that summer has unofficially ended all that remains of the fun-filled season are photos of shorts, skirts and bathing suit ensembles – and the memory of feeling self-conscious while showing some skin in those photos. For the 85% of women over the age of 20 that are plagued with cellulite, 2012 can be the last summer of that uncomfortable feeling thanks to the buzzed-about new cellulite treatment called Cellulaze(TM). Dubbed the “miracle treatment” for cellulite, this one-time, long-lasting, minimally invasive treatment leaves skin smooth and dimple-free. With optimal results seen in about three months, Dr. Bruce Katz of the JUVA Skin and Laser Center, one of the pioneers behind Cellulaze, anticipates the fall and winter months to be a popular time for patients to opt for the treatment.

Previous cellulite remedies such as caffeinated creams and massage with laser therapy can make dimpled skin appear smoother, but the fixes are always temporary. Through one application, Cellulaze has the ability to treat the appearance of cellulite by utilizing state-of-the-art technology to eliminate its appearance and stop future growth making results long lasting.

Cellulaze begins by making an incision (so small it is covered with a band aide) on the treatment area and administering a numbing solution beneath the epidermis. The device’s novel 1440 nm Nd:YAG laser with a Sidelight 3D(TM) optical fiber transmits energy bi-directionally under the skin to attack cellulite in three ways. First, the laser cuts the septae (connective tissue) that pulls on the skin – otherwise known as “valleys”. Then, it heats fat that pushes up between the septae – also known as “hills”. Finally, the laser works to thermally smooth out fat cells and heat dermal tissue to promote skin thickening and tightening; resulting in tighter and smoother skin. Patients can go back to work shortly following the treatment as healing is quick and only requires a protective undergarment to be worn for seven days.

Tapped by the media as being America’s Cellulaze expert, Dr. Bruce Katz has appeared on The Today Show, The View, FOX News, ABC & CBS as well as quoted in magazines such as Allure, Marie Claire, Self and Harper’s Bazaar for his impressive clinical results for Cellulaze that helped it earn its FDA approval last spring.

“For the first time we have a laser technology that treats all components of cellulite making it a real game changer,” said Dr. Katz, the sole dermatologist in the U.S. to conduct clinical trials for the treatment. “Cellulaze has incredible, proven results and patients continue to remain cellulite-free for more than two years so far without any maintenance.”

Patients can begin to see results in as little as two weeks and most experience final results within three to six months.

For more information about Cellulaze or to interview Dr. Bruce Katz please contact Alexis Tedesco of Lexamedia at 347.830.4004 / alexis@lexamediapr.com.

SOURCE JUVA Skin and Laser Center

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