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Maxillent’s iRaise(TM), the Sinus Lift Implant, Introduced Into the Hong Kong Market

September 10, 2012

TEL AVIV, Israel, September 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Maxillent Ltd. [http://www.maxillent.com ], a company dedicated to innovative
solutions for dental implants, has signed an exclusive contract with Pioneer Richteeth
Medical Distribution Company Shanghai Ltd. for the distribution of the iRaise(TM) Sinus
Lift Implant [http://www.maxillent.com/products/iraise---the-sinus-lift-implant ] in Hong
Kong. The pre-launch event for iRaise was hosted jointly by Maxillent and Pioneer in the
Hong Kong Dental Implant Surgical Center (DISC) on August 31, 2012.

iRaise solves a key difficulty in implant surgery: the highly invasive and traumatic
sinus lift procedure, required in 20% of dental implant cases, when there is insufficient
bone in the upper jaw to support implants. The current sinus lift procedure requires over
an hour of invasive surgery, and causes significant trauma: patients require three to ten
days of home rest, and complain of significant swelling and bruising.

iRaise(TM) provides a minimally invasive alternative to the sinus lift. The technology
is based on a unique dental implant with an internal channel, which allows the dentist to
perform a sinus lift using a simple hydraulic method. For the dentist, the procedure
significantly reduces chair time, complications, and post-operative care. For patients,
iRaise offers vastly reduced discomfort and recovery time, eliminates facial swelling and
bruising, and prevents lost work days.

“We are excited to expand the availability of iRaise to APAC markets,” says Gideon
Fostick, CEO of Maxillent. “We have chosen Pioneer as the ideal partner for our first
entry into Asia. They have the expertise and reach we were looking for in Hong Kong and in
additional Asian markets.”

“Maxillent’s technology for minimally invasive sinus lifts is very well suited to the
Hong Kong market, where dentists want to provide patients with the best possible
experience,” says Vincent Yuen, Managing Director, Pioneer Dental Division.

About Maxillent

Maxillent was founded in 2008 by Rainbow Medical, an Israeli company dedicated to
developing medical device companies with breakthrough therapeutic technologies. Maxillent
reached clinical trials within a year from inception. Three years of clinical experience
in Europe and Israel have exhibited an excellent safety and efficacy profile. Following CE
Mark approval in 2011, the company recently launched the iRaise commercially in Israel and
several European countries. Maxillent’s Scientific Advisory Board comprises key opinion
leaders, such as Prof.David L Cochran from San Antonio Texas, Prof. Donald Clem from
California, and Prof. Gabriel Chaushu from Israel. For more, visit:


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