Diet Doc Creates Weight Loss Management Program for Patients with Hypothyroidism that Works to Increase Metabolism and Lose Weight

September 10, 2012

Diet Doc announces a new doctor designed diet utilizing a hypothyroid diet that boosts energy levels and helps regulate metabolism. Diet Doc Diet was found during an in-house study to be especially beneficial for those with thyroid disease.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) September 10, 2012

Diet Doc hCG Diet announces a new doctor designed weight loss management program for patients with hypothyroidism that works to increase metabolism and weight loss.

Diet Doc hCG Diet uses a hypothyroid diet that boosts energy levels and helps regulate metabolism. This diet is found to be beneficial for those with thyroid disease

Diet Doc has created a diet plan that benefits those who have the silent disease of hypothyroidism. This condition means that the thyroid, which controls the production of the thyroid hormone, is not producing enough hormone which will cause many of the body´s functions to slow down. According to the U.S. Department of Health, roughly 27 million people have thyroid disorders and about half have yet to receive their diagnosis. This could be the reason why many people talk about their metabolism slowing down and gaining weight as they get older. But with a recent spotlight on thyroid disease, there may be a solution to this growing problem.

The American Thyroid Association released a report on the connection between thyroid, body weight and metabolism. This butterfly-shaped gland located in the lower front of the neck is what regulates metabolism. When the thyroid is not producing enough hormone, everything slows down causing low energy levels, weight gain, mood swings, heavier periods, memory trouble and other limiting symptoms that seem to build on each other. With no reported cures for hypothyroidism to date, many who have this condition are in need of a proper diet that will help them avoid weight gain.

Diet Doc has created a hypothyroid diet plan specifically for their patients with disease. The diet is is rich with foods that are high in vitamins an minerals that are essential for those with a low thyroid and will increase metabolism. These include: seafood, sea vegetables, lean protein and berries that are high in iodine, selenium and zinc. They may also prescribe pharmaceutical strength supplements depending on the symptoms. An in-house team of medical professionals evaluate each patient and create a weight loss program tailored to them. Diet Doc’s hCG hormonal treatment also plays a large role in weight loss which reportedly works to regulate the pituitary gland, the body´s master hormone regulator. The hCG hormone is also known to suppress the appetite, and, with their addition of pharmaceutical-grade vitamin b-12 to their hCG formula, will also add an extra boost of energy. “The hCG diet, if properly monitored, can do a lot of wonders for people who are having trouble losing weight and we are the only company that offers a personalized, all-inclusive program that is also medically-supervised,” say Julie Wright, Founder and CEO of Diet Doc.

Weight loss programs that focus on hormonal balance in order to achieve a healthy functioning metabolism are hard to come by. Diet Doc has created a program that has these ever-growing health conditions in mind. “Our weight loss diet plan is also beneficial for those who want to take preventative health measures since weight gain and obesity are now tied to a number of diseases,” says Wright.

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