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LA Superior Court Judge To Consider Consolidating Long Beach Dispensary Ban Cases; as says ADSI

September 17, 2012

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — A Los Angeles Superior Court judge put over deciding whether a preliminary injunction should issue stopping enforcement of Long Beach’s controversial medical marijuana dispensary ban. Although the judge found the City’s law is preempted by state law in an earlier order, he expressed concern over issuing the injunction noting that multiple cases filed before different courts challenging the law could lead to inconsistent decisions. Two weeks ago, a different Superior Court judge denied the injunction requested by a group of collectives formerly approved under an earlier Long Beach law, parts of which were deemed unconstitutional last year. During today’s hearing, the City raised the other court’s denial in the case brought by the formerly approved collectives in arguing against the medical cannabis patient plaintiff. The judge ordered the City and the patient plaintiff in the case to brief on why all of the estimated 15 cases now pending should not be consolidated before a single judge or moved to the complex litigation court. The judge held off any order on a preliminary injunction until briefing on the complex litigation issue is completed on October 12.

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