Diet Doc Announces Paleo Diet Plan as Part of Their “Best Diet” Offerings in 2012

September 18, 2012

Diet Doc announces the creation of the Best Diet offerings during 2012. This Best Diet includes diets that help with rapid weight loss, such as the Paleo Diet, Atkins Diet and the Diet Doc hCG Diet Plan.

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 18, 2012

Diet Doc Announces Paleo Diet Plan as part of their “Best Diet” offerings in 2012.

The Best Diet by Diet Doc Weight Loss is diets that help people lose weight fast with clinical evidence to support safe, rapid, weight loss. Best Diets was created utilizing diets such as the Paleo Diet or Caveman Diet, Atkins Diet along with the Hunter-Gatherer Diet. These diets are based on consuming natural, organic foods in an appropriate amount, similar to what our ancestors would have consumed daily. By removing processed foods along with artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners, the body, primarily the liver has a chance to burn fat at a rapid pace.

Many people have heard the term ketosis, and ketogenic diets have been around for some time. However the full potential of using ketosis for weight loss has taken a leap forwards with a modernized version of the Diet Doc hCG diet for weight loss. A state of ketosis when combined with prescription hCG allows for stable weight loss where the body actually starts using excess body fat as a source of fuel during the duration of the weight loss program.

To summarize, ketosis is a metabolic state where fat is used as a source of fuel instead of sugar. Most people live their whole lives functioning primarily in sugar metabolism, where their metabolic state is held primarily in glycolysis. When in this state, excess sugar and fat is quickly stored in the fat tissue and insulin levels can progressively rise (which eventually leads to insulin sensitivity, obesity and type II diabetes). Human metabolism has arguably only been exposed to grain based carbohydrates for several thousand years which isn´t enough time for most peoples metabolism to adapt. It´s not surprising then than as carbohydrate levels have increases and fat levels decreased over the last several decades that metabolic ℠syndromes´ like obesity and type II diabetes have increases exponentially.

When in a state of ketosis and sugar/carbohydrates are restricted, fat is no longer stored as readily into fat tissue but is instead broken down by the liver into a ketone.

Ketones then take the place of glucose in almost all tissues in the body. When in ketosis certain tissues still need a small amount of glucose and that requirement is around 100g per day. The body is able to produce this required sugar through the conversion of protein to sugar through a process called gluconeogenesis.

Using ketogenic diets for weight loss typically requires a high dietary fat intake to keep up with energy requirements as in the Atkins diet. However, when a ketogenic diet is combined with prescription hCG and fat and calories are restricted, the percentage of body fat lost increases and the percentage of lean muscle mass preserved is increased. This is one of the reasons people losing weight on the hCG diet tend to report a significant loss of inches along with weight loss, due to the fact that fat has a much higher volume than muscle. Diet Doc´s maintenance options also customize lifestyle programs based on ketogenic Paleolithic diet concepts.

Ketosis is the most efficient metabolic state for weight loss and weight maintenance. However, the maintenance phase of long term ketogenic diets is often done incorrectly, which is why many people following low-carb lifestyles burn out after several months. Creating a sustainable energy balance while using ketosis as the primary metabolic state is a fine balance. The biggest misconceptions are around what types and how much fat to consume. Everyones metabolism is tuned slightly differently and so the diet must be individualized to peoples lifestyle. Diet Doc weight loss programs and weight maintenance programs use the science of ketosis combined with prescription hCG to achieve long term success.

Diet Doc reviews diets and their review process before including in their Best Diet Plan recommendations is to make sure the diet is viable for rapid weight loss.

Diets that were reviewed during the 3rd quarter of 2012 include: Kate Middleton Diet, Gluten Free Diet, Starbucks Diet, Fasting Diet, and Amino Diet, Jill Scott, Jessica Simpson and the Coffee Diet. The Diet Doctors review each diet in detail before deciding if certain elements will be included in the Best Diet Plan by Diet Doc.

Diet Doc is a doctor-designed and managed medical weight loss solution providing care to people nationwide. The Diet Doc Weight Loss Program surveyed 32,000 patients during the 3rd quarter of 2012 and Diet Doc Dieters reported losing an average of 30 pounds per month and keeping off long term without hunger and with increased energy.

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