Which Hospital Would Should People Choose?

September 20, 2012

The choice is easy, patients want a hospital that does everything possible for their patients, including creative and useful ways to help their patients sleep. JAZD-CAP, LLC, makers of The Right Light®, announce that they are currently working with over 16 hospitals across the country to help their patients sleep at night using their new product.

Westlake, Ohio (PRWEB) September 20, 2012

There are two major reasons why patients do not sleep during their overnight stay in the hospital, the number one reason is noise, and the number two reason is light. Hundreds of articles have been written emphasizing how important sleep is to the recovery process, and how little sleep patients actually get, especially in hospitals where late night rounds are absolutely necessary. JAZD-CAP, LLC provides a solution to this problem. Jodi Baron and her partner Andrea Pierce have managed to get The Right Light® into 16 hospitals across the country with very little money or experience, how? “We did our homework. Not only did we discover how important sleep is to a person’s recovery, but we also discovered that there was nothing out there addressing the problem.”

The Right Light’s® patented design provides focused hands free light when working in darkened conditions, such as nurses working the night shift. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A36Luh7xuMk” The light unit is affixed to the underside of the brim with Velcro®, which allows the wearer to remove the unit and machine wash the hat, which is very critical for the healthcare industry. “Memorial Hermman Hospital is just one hospital that gets it” says Pierce, Executive Vice President, JAZDCAP, LLC “They discovered The Right Light® at a trade show and ordered sixteen initially. Once the nurses and the patients began to rave about it, they ordered 40 more.” Currently JAZD-CAP is running a marketing campaign in order to get the word ourt to every hospital and healthcare facility in the country. When hospitals discover The Right Light® they immediately see the value. Nurses do too, take Heather Kwedder, a Neonatal nurse for example, she found us on Facebook and immediately ordered one. She used it for a week and then posted the following quote “As a postpartum RN, I have to check on my C-section patients every hour. Turning on an overhead light wakes up the exhausted new mother and often her new born. I used The Right Ligt for the first time a few months ago and it was WONDERFUL! I was able to go in and check on both mother and baby without disturbing them at all.”

JAZD-CAP, LLC is confident that when hospitals discover The Right Light® it will become best practice in their facility. Patients everywhere will sleep better and hopefully heal quicker because of it.

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