Michael Landgraf and Fred Williams of MindMachines.com Respond to Controversy Regarding the Use of Light and Sound Machines in Schools to Boost Education Performance

September 22, 2012

Michael Landgraf and Fred Williams of MindMachines.com respond to letters to the editor about controversy regarding the use of light and sound machines in classrooms to boost education performance in US public and private schools.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 22, 2012

Representatives of MindMachines.com, Michael Landgraf and Fred Willaims respond to letters to the editor at mindmachines.com regarding the use of light and sound machines in classrooms to boost education performance in US public and private schools by emphatically asserting their position on the issue. Michael Landgraf, author of “Mind States — An Introduction to Light and Sound Technology” and publisher of the AVS Journal, the only magazine dedicated to mind machine technology, and Fred Williams, mind machines product specialist recently made controversial statements regarding the need for brainwave entrainment technology to be added to the US education system. Their remarks have been called controversial by some respondents, but supported by others.

“My remarks regarding the use of brainwave entrainment technology in American schools have been called controversial. I am not backing down on this issue. I wish to reaffirm my challenge to the establishment educational system in America.”, says Fred Williams, light and sound machine expert and advocate of brainwave entrainment technology in US classrooms.

Light and sound machines are in widespread use throughout Asia and notably in South Korea by students. A light and sound machine is a computer controlled device that delivers precise frequency controlled stimulation at brainwave frequencies through LED glasses and headphones. This light and sound stimulation entrains the brain of the user guiding his or her brainwave patterns toward frequency patterns associated with optimal learning and focus.

Michael Landgraf says, “Yes, I absolutely stand by my remarks because they are true. Our education system is lagging behind the education systems of other developed nations, notably South Korea. The use of light and sound mind machines is widespread in South Korea. South Korean parents go to great lengths to give their children every advantage possible in regards to schooling and education. We as Americans really need to take a look in the mirror and get a reality check. The statistics don´t lie, we have fallen behind. We are not on top anymore. Should we as a country give up or should we roll up our sleeves and do something about it? One thing we can do is introduce light and sound technology in our schools to enhance learning. It would be one great step in the right direction. My position is clear and unchanged, light and sound machines belong in schools throughout the United States.”.

For more information about comparisons of the US education system compared to the world view USC’s infographic at mat.usc.edu/u-s-education-versus-the-world-infographic/.

Fred Williams is an expert in the field of light and sound brainwave entrainment technology and a vocal advocate of the adoption of mind machine technology in US classrooms.

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