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Premier Care in Bathing Marks World Arthritis Day

October 9, 2012

LONDON, October 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Leading specialist bathing company set to raise thousands for Arthritis Research UK to
help make a difference for sufferers

Premier Care in Bathing is marking World Arthritis Day (12th October) by announcing
that it will donate 10 per cent of sales taken on the day to Arthritis Research UK, which
will amount to thousands of much needed pounds for research and development of arthritis

The company, which provides a range of bathing solutions
[http://www.premierbathrooms.co.uk ] for people with limited mobility, hosted a training
demonstration at its factory in the West Midlands, where staff donned a special
mobility-suit which simulates the stiff, aching limbs and unsteadiness that arthritis
suffers endure.

The specialist suit also incorporates scratched goggles and ear muffs to simulate
sight and hearing difficulties, plus a neck brace and arm and leg inserts to restrict
movement. The suit is regularly used by the company’s product development team to help
staff understand and experience the physical limitations of the elderly and people with
limited mobility, and therefore designs products that are suitable for their needs.

Gordon Farmiloe, Managing Director of Premier Care in Bathing, commented: “We all take
it for granted that we will live forever and be as strong as we were when we were younger.

“We feel that it is important that our staff understand that having age-related
limited mobility or arthritis is harder than they think. It means even making a cup of
tea, going upstairs or climbing into the bath is a problem – often having critical safety
implications such as individuals falling over and injuring themselves.

“Old age creeps up on us all and takes us by surprise. No matter who we are, we will
not be immune to its effects. Equally, as arthritis affects young and old, it’s important
to appreciate the difficulties sufferers face as well as those of their carers.

“That’s why we use the special mobility-suit to aid our product development so we
ensure that we are designing and manufacturing bathing solutions that are suitable for
people with limited mobility.

“We are committed to helping people live independent and safer lives at home and,
therefore, working with Arthritis Research UK is just one of our ways to demonstrate this
commitment. The money will be put to valuable use in supporting The Arthritis Research UK
Centre for Sport and Exercise Injuries which will be launched next year, as there is a
link between sport injuries and the potential for later development of osteoarthritis.

“We are also helping to encourage people to complete Arthritis Research UK’s National
Arthritis Survey which aims to build up a more complete picture of how arthritis affects
the UK population. People can log on to our website and follow the link through. It really
is important that as many people as possible complete the survey so we urge people to take
time and support the cause. What’s more, for those that complete the survey via our
website, we’ll give them a GBP250 discount off the purchase of an adapted bathing solution
from Premier Care in Bathing.”

Louise Holland, Fundraising Director at Arthritis Research UK, added: “We are
delighted that Premier Care in Bathing is getting involved in this year’s World Arthritis
Day and our National Arthritis Week which will help raise awareness of the impact and
prevalence of arthritis in the UK.

“Arthritis Research UK is the charity leading the fight against arthritis and we are
the biggest funder of research into the causes, treatment and cure of all forms of
arthritis in the UK. We work to take the pain away for people living with all forms of the
disease to help them remain active, doing the things they love.

“We receive no government funding, but rely on the generosity and commitment of our
supporters, such as Premier Care in Bathing, to continue funding this world class
research. We are delighted that the money raised will help support our first major UK
programme in 2013, The Arthritis Research UK Centre for Sport and Exercise Injuries.”

For further information about Premier Care in Bathing’s range of walk-in baths and
easy-access showers, please call 0800-090-1505 or alternatively log on to
http://www.premierbathrooms.co.uk and request a free brochure.

For further information on Arthritis Research UK or National Arthritis Week, visit
http://www.arthritisresearchuk.org / http://www.nationalarthritisweek.org.uk

Notes to editors:

National Arthritis Week

Arthritis [http://www.premierbathrooms.co.uk/arthritis ] is the biggest cause of pain
and disability in the UK, affecting 10 million people including 15,000 children. In fact,
arthritis can affect anyone at any time and some conditions not only affect your joints
but can even seriously damage your immune system and internal organs.

During National Arthritis Week, 8-14 October (which includes World Arthritis Day on
Friday 12th October), Arthritis Research UK will be working to raise the profile and
tackle some common myths about this often overlooked condition.

There are many ways for people to get involved in National Arthritis Week from
fundraising activities to completing Arthritis Research UK’s National Arthritis Survey
which aims to build up a more complete picture of how arthritis affects the UK population.

About Arthritis Research UK

One in six people are affected by arthritis and it is the biggest cause of pain and
disability in the UK. As an organisation, Arthritis Research UK creates the knowledge to
change the lives of people with arthritis, from funding research, to educating health care
professionals and providing information to people with arthritis and their carers. The
charity’s aim is to fund pioneering, high quality research that will develop the best
treatment for and prevention of arthritis in the world.

About Premier Care in Bathing

Premier Care in Bathing is a market leading company that has been helping people bathe
safely and comfortably for over 25 years. The company has a range of walk-in baths and
easy-access showers each designed and manufactured to make bathing safer and more
independent for people with disabilities and reduced mobility through illness or age.

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