OnlinePharmaciesCanada Celebrates Low Prices on Safe Pharmaceuticals

October 11, 2012

Many Americans are Choosing to Cut Back on Health Care Costs in Order to Maintain their Household Budgets. Reports from PharmaTimes and ConsumerReports.org Show a Significant Proportion of Uninsured Americans Under the Age of 65 are Failing to Fill their Prescriptions. Meanwhile, OnlinePharmaciesCanada, a Canadian International Pharmacy Association Certified Online Pharmacy, Celebrates their Low Prices and their Ability to Offer Affordable Access to Prescriptions to American and Canadian Patients Alike.

Surrey, BC (PRWEB) October 10, 2012

In large part due to the recession, the number of Americans sacrificing medical treatments to pay the bills is on the rise. Not only are patients choosing to avoid doctor visits, but in many cases they are failing to fill their prescriptions in order to maintain their budgets as well. Indeed, reports from PharmaTimes and ConsumerReports.org provide mounting evidence that especially uninsured US consumers cannot afford their health care costs. Yet, alternatives exist as OnlinePharmaciesCanada (OPC) and other verified pharmacies in Canada continue to offer genuine prescriptions at heavily discounted prices to Canadian and American customers alike.

A recent report published in PharmaTimes highlights a number of shocking trends in the United States. An annual drug poll shows “the US economy´s negative effects have been most profoundly felt by people under the age of 65 who do not have insurance for medications.” More specifically, this poll found 62% of this group “declined a medical test because of cost;” 63% “put off a doctor´s visit to save money;” and 45% “skipped filling a prescription because of the cost.” Each of these figures rose markedly from last year suggesting economic pressures are increasing on the uninsured.

This poll conducted by ConsumerReports.org highlights a number of serious concerns. First and foremost, the survey strongly suggests that some consumers are reaching a health care crisis. Their findings “suggest that difficulty paying for health care — including prescription drugs and other medical bills — remains the top financial problem for American households” and “in the last six months alone, many have cut back on other household expenses or taken potentially dangerous measures with their health to afford their medications.” Moreover, the report found that more than half of consumers who continue to buy prescriptions that “to pay for their medication they had to reduce other household expenses or change how they manage their finances.”

Clearly, health care costs are becoming unmanageable for many households, especially for the under- or un-insured. OnlinePharmaciesCanada’s owners encourage American consumers to consider more affordable alternatives: “our online pharmacy is a government regulated institution that provides all our customers access to safe and affordable drugs.” He continues to say “we celebrate our low prices not because of our interest in self promotion, but because our pharmacy allows those hardest hit by economic woes to purchase life saving medications easily and affordably.”

The Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) is an organization of pharmacies that are “licensed and regulated by the government for safety.” As a CIPA member pharmacy, OnlinePharmaciesCanada must meet the highest standards of care while ensuring patients have access to quality prescription drugs at prices they can afford. As evidence of the safety of drugs sold by OPC, the National Bureau of Economic Research published a study earlier this year that found that verified online pharmacies were a safe source for prescription drugs. Indeed, this study declared “no failure of authenticity is found in drugs that came from verified websites.”

“Clearly, many Americans need to find ways to save on their health care bills. At OnlinePharmaciesCanada, we believe we can help patients manage their health care costs without cutting back on their treatments,” said OnlinePharmaciesCanada’s marketing manager. To this end, “we celebrate our low prices.”

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