ADS Sports Eyewear Tests for Optimal Ski Goggle Lens Colors

October 11, 2012

ADS Sports Eyewear tested many of the most popular ski goggle lenses in an attempt to determine which lenses provide the best clarity and contrast. The outcome produced several unexpected results that should impact the way competitive skiers as well as weekend warriors select their ski goggles.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) October 10, 2012

Ski Goggle lens colors have historically been the victim of conventional wisdom. Most skiers wear copper lenses during the day and yellow or clear lenses at night. The only published data on this subject is from ski goggle manufacturers, and each one has concluded that their lenses are the best available. So, ADS Sports Eyewear set up the equivalent of an eye chart in the snow and set out to determine which colors work best in typical skiing environments.

Contrast and clarity were the two factors used to evaluate lenses. When everything is a shade of white, contrast is critical. Both the Oakley Black Iridium lens and the Smith Platinum Mirror lens did well in very bright full sun days. We had low expectations for the Oakley Black Iridium lens because this is a grey lens. Grey provides no contrast at all. It just makes everything darker. But the Oakley Iridium coating adds some vermillion to the lens which made a big difference.

The biggest surprise came after the night skiing. Yellow was expected to provide much better vision than clear or light copper lenses. But yellow failed miserably. Everything seems brighter through a yellow lens, but test results showed that 100% of our testers could see more through a clear lens, and light copper was absolutely the best choice for low light skiing. The reason seems to be that yellow is a “light gathering” color. This lets your head think everything looks brighter, but yellow provides zero contrast. The yellow tint blocks about 30% of light and does not add any contrast. So, skiers see 30% less than they would with a clear lens, and everything looks yellow. Copper or vermillion provided the best contrast at night. The contrast from the 30% copper lenses added more clarity than the reduced light transmission took out.

ADS Sports Eyewear has sold prescription sunglasses and ski goggles for over 10 years. ADS Sports Eyewear staff not only understands sports eyewear, they also did all the testing that is quoted on the ADS Sports Eyewear web site. More information can be found on the web site at http://www.adseyewear.com.

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