Grandmother Gives Birth To Grandson
October 15, 2012

Georgia Woman Gives Birth To Her Own Grandson

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online

Like any pregnant woman, 45-year-old Angie Stockton carried a child in her womb for nine months before delivering the infant boy earlier this month. The only difference is that she gave birth not to a son, but to a grandson.

According to the Daily Mail, Angie's daughter Krista Saxon was unable to carry the baby, so she agreed to step in and serve as a gestational carrier for her daughter and her son-in-law, Trent. Baby Tucker was born on October 6, weighing in at 7 pounds, 12 ounces.

"It's been 26 years since I've been pregnant. I've forgot a lot of things. So she had to tell me what to expect. It's funny because she's the one who ended up with a lot of the pregnancy symptoms," Stockton, a resident of Athens, Georgia, told local Fox 5 news reporter Kaitlyn Pratt on Friday.

Stockton added that carrying her daughter's child was just "something I wanted to do" as a mother. Pratt reported that this is believed to be the first time in state history, and just the fourth time in the US, that a grandmother had served as a gestational carrier for her grandchild.

While she said that what she was doing did raise some eyebrows, the parents of the newborn baby boy were just happy to have a new bundle of joy in their lives.

"I was just tickled that he was here and healthy," Trent Saxon, Tucker's dad, told Fox 5. "But I was also thinking about putting him in a ball uniform, getting him on a ball field one day."

"Each day as we got the crib together, put his nursery together, it became more real but I didn't start thinking 'oh my gosh I'm about to be a parent,'" added Krista Saxon, according to the Daily Mail. "Until we were getting ready to go into the operating room and then it just hit me like we finally made it."

Krista and Trent were married three years ago and had planned from the beginning to have a child, but were unable to do so because Krista's uterus was not fully formed, according to Gannett News Service reports.

She said it was "hard knowing I couldn't do that for my child" and that she was "lucky to have such a good mother, who's willing to do anything to help me have the child I wanted." Krista added that they felt as though their family was now "complete" with the birth of their child -- but if she and her husband eventually do decide to have a second child, they told reporters that they will plan to adopt.