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ARAMARK Healthcare Launches Partnership with Top Germ-Killing Technology, Tru-D SmartUVC

October 15, 2012

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — ARAMARK Healthcare today announced its partnership with Tru-D SmartUVC(TM) technology, a cutting-edge portable UV disinfection system technology, which will effectively and efficiently help prevent healthcare-associated infections (HAI’s) in hospitals across North America. ARAMARK is able to provide a baseline of thorough disinfection with Tru-D’s Sensor360(TM) technology allowing accurate UV dose delivery. This partnership with Tru-D offers ARAMARK a value creation for clients.

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“After extensive research and due diligence, we selected Tru-D for its proven performance, ability to destroy targeted pathogens with repeatable outcomes and consistency in doing so while eliminating human error,” said Dave Carpenter, President of ARAMARK Healthcare. “Understanding HAI’s implications for our clients, patients and employees, we know infection prevention is a critical component to driving positive outcomes and the prevention of HAI’s.”

According to the CDC, healthcare-associated infections kill more than 90,000 patients per year in the U.S. and cost $28 billion to the healthcare industry. Tru-D technology is an automated portable disinfection device that generates a consistent dose of UV energy that destroys 99.9 percent of the pathogens associated with HAI’s such as C. difficile, MRSA, VRE and Norovirus. The instrument automatically adjusts its output to compensate for room variability including size, reflective properties, and equipment contents. The technology offers real-time sensor readings to ensure the correct dosage is achieved every time therefore eliminating human error in the disinfection process.

“There is a tremendous opportunity to help hospitals protect against the spread of HAI’s and through our partnership with ARAMARK Healthcare we are able to expand the presence of Tru-D in the healthcare marketplace to combat these issues and achieve tangible results,” said Chuck Dunn, President and CEO, Tru-D LLC.

ARAMARK Healthcare is dedicated to providing quality care for its clients, patients and employees and Tru-D implementation at hospitals across the U.S. will safeguard against HAI’s.

About ARAMARK Healthcare
ARAMARK Healthcare is a leader in providing best-in-class clinical support services that are essential to healthcare delivery. Understanding that clinical excellence and the environment are interdependent, ARAMARK Healthcare directly impacts the entire healthcare continuum – patient, employee, nurse and physician satisfaction, operational efficiency and service excellence. Through its facilities, food and clinical technology services, ARAMARK Healthcare helps more than 1,000 hospitals and senior living facilities deliver the optimal experience for patients and residents, their families, and the physicians, nurses and staff who care for them. For more information, visit www.aramarkhealthcare.com.

About Tru-D LLC
Tru-D SmartUVC(TM) is the only portable UV disinfection system that precisely measures reflected UV emissions with Sensor360(TM) to automatically calculate the lethal UV dose from a single placement in each room, dynamically compensating for room size, shape and other dose altering variables such as the position of contents, windows, blinds and doors. Tru-D eliminates human error associated with “blind dose guessing” on lamp emission energy or multiple device positioning in an attempt to target area configuration dynamics. Tru-D uses UVC – safest UV for patients and staff because it doesn’t transmit through glass. Performance validated with numerous independent scientific studies conducted by leading infection control authorities. For information about Tru-D SmartUVC(TM), visit www.TRU-D.com.

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