Hand and Wrist Institute Now Offers Ganglion Cyst Surgery

October 19, 2012

A ganglion cyst, a cyst that can appear on the joints or tendons in the wrist, can cause patients extreme pain and problems with joint movement.

Beverly Hills, Ca (PRWEB) October 18, 2012

A ganglion cyst, a cyst that can appear on the joints or tendons in the wrist, can cause patients extreme pain and problems with joint movement. The Hand and Wrist Institute, a medical clinic with offices in Beverly Hills, West Hills and Newport Beach, offers ganglion cyst surgery to help patients to get the painful or unsightly ganglion cysts removed from their wrists. You can read more about ganglion cyst here.

Although a ganglion cyst often doesn’t need treatment, people with long term pain or reoccurring issues with the cysts sometimes require surgery. At the Hand and Wrist Institute, board certified surgeon Dr. John T. Knight performs ganglion cyst surgery. During the procedure, he removes the benign lumps, their stalks and surrounding tissue from patients’ wrists. The minimally invasive procedure doesn’t cause scarring and involves less recovery time than traditional treatments for ganglion cysts.

Dr. Knight,who specializes in procedures involving the hands and upper extremities. He has built a strong reputation because of his ability to perform minimally-invasive surgeries on the hands and wrists. He has 20 years of experience dealing with wrist and hand injuries and is skilled with performing advanced arthroscopic procedures. No patient has ever developed an infection after getting surgery from Dr. Knight, who performs every procedure in the institute’s state-of-the-art outpatient surgical center.

Undergoing cyst surgery from the Hand and Wrist Institute helps to ensure that people don’t develop injuries associated with ganglion cysts. Although it is uncommon, some patients with the cysts develop other wrist or hand problems if the cysts are left untreated.

The institute works to make getting elective surgeries for hand and wrist injuries and problems more accessible and affordable for patients. It offers different types of payment options and accepts insurance plans. Finding a hand doctor who accepts insurance can be difficult, but the institute wants to make it possible for patients to get the help they need.

The Hand and Wrist Institute has been offering specialized procedures to people in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas since 1993. Licensed by the Medical Board of California and endorsed by boxer Raymundo Beltran, actress Rose McGowan and drummer James McDonnell, the institute also offers advanced surgical and non-surgical treatments for patients with carpel tunnel syndrome, elbow or wrist injuries, tendonitis issues, arthritis problems, fractures, herniated discs, sports injuries, tennis or golfers elbow or tendon or joint injuries.

Patients can schedule an appointment with the center by going online or calling one of the center’s locations. Information about individual services, such as treatment for carpal tunnel release surgery or orthopedic hand treatments, are available.

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