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Treat Yourself in Poland

October 24, 2012

WARSAW, Poland, October 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

It’s worth visiting Poland to get treatment and rest here. It’s a country of major
medical achievements with an expert medical personnel and centuries of tradition in
natural resources therapies.

According to the EuroHealth Consumer Index 2012, healthcare in Poland is based on
respect for patients’ rights. The register of medical practices shows the qualifications
and competence of any doctor from which one intends to obtain treatment. Polish hospitals
have the leading edge equipment. For instance, Cardiac Surgery Clinic in Katowice performs
sophisticated heart surgeries without cutting through the chest, using a leading edge
method of “keyhole surgery”. In Wieliszewo, brain or liver tumours are treated by
non-invasive methods. Poland leads CEE in clinical studies; it’s about 500 trials yearly -
over 3 percent of the world market.

Poland boasts a century-long, unique traditional method of comprehensive treatment and
rehabilitation through health resort therapies. The use of therapeutic waters, muds and
salts, healing properties of the microclimate, makes it possible to treat chronic
diseases. With additional physical methods this prevents some procedures, e.g.
orthopaedic. Over 200 wellness centres in Poland offer rejuvenating, beauty, slimming and
rehabilitation treatments.

Once healthy, we can visit beautiful cities and savour traditional delicacies of the
Polish cuisine. And the prices are very affordable.

Under the auspices of the Polish government a medical tourism promotion project has
been launched, financed by the EU. In December the project consortium will organize a
study tour for medical tourism intermediaries, insurers and healthcare funds from United
Kingdom, USA, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Russia. We cover costs of travel and
stay, and organize meetings with Polish medical facilities.

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