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Globalsurance Providing Updated Bupa Products to Customers

November 2, 2012

HONG KONG, Nov. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Globalsurance will now be able to offer an updated policy product on behalf of Bupa’s Premier Worldwide Health Options. Additionally, Globalsurance is pleased to announce that Bupa International’s annual premium inflation has come in below average, providing more options for Globalsurance customers seeking cost effective medical insurance solutions.

Globalsurance customers holding a Bupa International health insurance policy are sure to welcome Bupa’s reported yearly inflation of 10.3 percent across all Worldwide Health Options (WHO) and Lifeline health insurance products.

Bupa International’s Sales Director, Tim Slee commented on the increase, “Medical Inflation continues at pace and sustainable pricing is essential for any long term view of this exciting market.”

This increase is below the global average 10.8 percent premium inflation rates identified by Globalsurance, and is positive for Globalsurance customers attached to Bupa policies as they can continue to receive high quality care but at appropriate costs.

“At Bupa International we work hard to ensure we deliver the highest quality of care available at the appropriate cost and in doing so look to have sustainable long-term relationships with our members, distributors and Providers,” commented Slee.

Globalsurance expects to form new relationships between customers and Bupa as the insurer has launched its new Premier Plan in China. The products release will undoubtedly be a success due to the current high demand for comprehensive health insurance from Chinese consumers.

The plan was developed to provide superior levels of health insurance protection to Chinese nationals residing in China and is unique in that it will enable Globalsurance customers to customize their coverage to suit their individual needs as well as allow pre-existing medical conditions to be considered for inclusion.

Globalsurance Managing Director, David Hayes, stated, “these changes present real value for our customers, and we are extremely pleased to be working with BUPA to continue to provide consumers worldwide with innovative, high-quality insurance products.”

Globalsurance customers partnered with Bupa can rest assured that their insurer is taking a proactive approach to providing comprehensive, flexible product options within China and will likely continue with this global development.

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