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Dr Prem Honored With Prestigious Leadership Award for his Contribution in Global Healthcare & Medical Tourism Industry

November 5, 2012

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida, November 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Dr Prem, a successful Chartered Consultant [http://www.drprem.com/chartered-consultant
], Global Trainer [http://www.drprem.com/trainings ] and Renowned Author
[http://www.drprem.com/guides_books ], indeed was the unanimous choice for prestigious
Leadership Award [http://www.drprem.com/leadership-award ], as for several years he has
been working effortlessly towards the advancement of Global Healthcare & Medical Tourism
across the globe and has launched several global initiatives through his website


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The award was presented to him at recently concluded 5th World Medical Tourism &
Global Healthcare Congress from Medical Tourism Association(TM) (MTA). The event took
place in South Florida, US, in conjunction with world’s prestigious Employer Healthcare,
Corporate Wellness and National Reform congresses.

Leadership Awards by MTA are presented to the thought leaders who play an important
role in advancements in healthcare delivery globally. Explaining the notion behind award
program, Renee-Marie Stephano, President of Medical Tourism Association, said, “Leadership
awards are designed to recognize and encourage good work in the industry. We as non-profit
association take onus in recognizing positive contribution towards the growth of industry;
hence we are always ready to extend our support to such contributors like Dr Prem
[http://www.drprem.com ].”

Dr Prem is extremely overwhelmed with the honor received. He was presented the award
amidst world leaders and government representatives from over 60 countries and above 2000
international delegates. Expressing his joy & pride after receiving the award, Dr Prem
said, “I am honored to receive such grand award. I humbly believe that the award is not
destination that I have to get relaxed, but it is an inspiring milestone, which will
encourage me to continue to work towards better global healthcare and medical tourism

Continuing his gratitude and greetings, Dr Prem added “I also value & cherish the
award for some very important reasons, the foremost being that it has come from world’s
biggest association that has established benchmarks & trends in industry and secondly,
award was presented to me by Renee-Marie Stephano, a global leader herself, and a renowned
personality who has already made significant contribution across the globe.”

According to MTA, these awards are strategic initiatives, which will work as a
stimulator to eventually bring positive results for the medical tourism industry, intended
to encourage and promote quality as well as best practices by industry players, whilst
keeping consumer benefits in mind.

Dr Prem has visited more than 40 countries to share his vast experience, and worked
with more than 150 organizations across the globe helping them to improve and upgrade
their medical systems. He has undertaken various initiatives to foster the growth of
global healthcare & medical tourism industry worldwide.

He offers multi-dimensional healthcare solutions ranging from healthcare management,
Healthcare City Project Development to global healthcare expansion. He is also the founder
of Global Healthcare [http://globalhealthcare.drprem.com ]- Worlds biggest community of
Global Healthcare Professionals. Editor of two Health Magazines – Health First Magazine
[http://health.drprem.com ] and DIYHealth.com [http://diyhealth.com ], undoubtedly, he is
a leading medical tourism consultant [http://www.drprem.com/medical-tourism-consultant ]
in the world and also the author of Medical Tourism Guide Book
[http://www.drprem.com/medical-tourism-guidebook ] – an initiative to provide a
comprehensive source of information for anyone considering medical travel.

Moreover, Dr Prem is also the promoter of Insta Media Network
[http://www.instamedia.com ], which has around 25 niche community websites loaded with rich
information with millions of visitors a month. Dr Prem’s websites are trendsetters in many
industries including Health, Luxury, Green initiatives, Beauty, Lifestyle, Travel,
Wellness, Design, Home, Fashion, Technology, Entertainment, amongst many others. Dr Prem
also possesses excellent skills in Online Management including Online Reputation
Management, Brand Management and Online Presence Management.

Apart from running a successful consultancy and global training business, Dr Prem has
launched several global innovative initiatives [http://www.drprem.com/initiatives ]
projects such as Family Health Festival, No Tobacco Campaign, Summer Health Festival,
Ahlan Ramadan, Diabetes Events etc in Gulf. His initiatives are endorsed and recognized by
the country’s Ministry of Health and other government authorities.

Currently, on global front, Dr Prem is working with governments, leading investors and
global organizations on various projects. Dr Prem is willing to work jointly on several
fronts including – Medical Tourism Projects, Healthcare City Projects, Merger &
Acquisitions of Business & Services, Online Management projects and Strategic investment
projects. He is also available for Global Trainings in the field of Leadership, Corporate
Management, Global Healthcare, Medical Tourism, Corporate Wellness, Corporate Social
responsibility, Online Management and many other training programs.

To have detailed information on Dr Prem’s various initiatives/services visit his
website http://www.DrPrem.com

Contact: Dr Prem, team@drprem.com




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