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Life Sciences Entrepreneurs S.L.U. Announces the First Financing of the Antiplatelet Candidate NmC by Spanish and Swiss Investors

November 5, 2012

BARCELONA, Spain, November 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Life Science Entrepreneurs S.L.U., a company dedicated to the early-stage development
of high-risk/very high return ventures, announced today the conclusion of a first
investment for an antiplatelet drug candidate code-named NmC.

Private investors from Barcelona, Geneva and Basel, all active in medical applications
of life sciences, have funded the assays to confirm the safety and efficacy of the
cardiovascular drug NmC.

“NmC might prevent cardiovascular incidents thanks to the unique way it dilutes the
blood of at-risk patients”, said Francois Arcand, President of Life Science Entrepreneurs
S.L.U. “The drug candidate catches the interest of experts in the field because its novel
mechanism of action could set it apart from antiplatelets like the standard-of-care
Plavix(R) or the newcomer Eliquis(R)”.

The molecule has been licensed from a foreign university. In early 2013, Life Science
Entrepreneurs S.L.U. will raise two million euro to conduct a complete set of regulatory
pre-clinical assays from Spanish and foreign investors.

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