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SafeCode Drug Technologies Corp. in Negotiations With Manufacturers to Develop Prototype

November 8, 2012

JERUSALEM, November 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

SafeCode Drug Technologies Corp. (OTCBB: SAFC), a developer of patent-pending voice
recognition technology that reduces the risks of errors during the administration of
prescription medications, the company is in negotiations with several manufacturers for
the development of the company’s first product prototype.

A video demonstration of the product applications can be viewed at


SafeCode is the developer of the world’s first patent-protected voice recognition
technology used to confirm prescription medications prior to their administration at home
or in a medical center.

Using SafeCode technology, prescription medications stored in specially designed
locked containers can only be accessed and administered once the caregiver or patient
correctly announces the name of the drug.

The technology ensures that the appropriate medication is being administered, as
mistakes have accounted for thousands of deaths in recent years. Often, nurses, doctors or
patients are not careful when giving or taking medications and much medication’s packaging
may look similar. SafeCode Technology prevents medication errors, and thereby reduces the
risk of severe injury or accidental death.

“We are hopeful that a contract with a manufacturer will be signed in the coming
weeks, enabling us to build our first product prototype,” said Joel Klopfer, Chief
Executive Officer of SafeCode Drug Technologies. “There is a large addressable market for
this technology due to the thousands of deaths each year related to medication errors.”

About SafeCode Drug Technologies

SafeCode Drug Technologies is the developer of a patent-pending voice recognition
technology that provides an essential degree of security that can effectively prevent
unauthorized administration of a prescription medication.

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