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Novel Cancer Immune Therapy Developer Oncos Therapeutics Ltd. Appoints Experienced Industry Leader Frans Wuite as President and CEO

November 9, 2012

HELSINKI, November 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Oncos Therapeutics Ltd., a company developing novel cancer immune therapeutics,
announced today that it has appointed Frans Wuite, M.D., M.B.A, as President and Chief
Executive Officer and Pekka Simula, M.Sc. (Tech) as Chief Operating Officer.

Frans Wuite brings more than 25 years of leadership experience that spans from
start-up to large international companies within the biopharmaceutical industry to Oncos
Therapeutics. Prior to joining Oncos, Wuite served in key leadership roles at companies in
rapid growth phases. These included Amgen Europe, where he spearheaded the commercial
development and launch of Aranesp that soon became Amgen’s biggest product.

Pekka Simula, the founding CEO of Oncos since 2008, successfully built Oncos into a
clinical stage company. In his role as COO, Simula will be responsible for the company’s
overall program management covering research, clinical development, process development,
and manufacturing.

Prior to Oncos, Simula was Global Program Manager at Varian Medical Systems
responsible for the development and market roll-out of the company’s entire oncology
product suite.

About Oncos Therapeutics

Oncos Therapeutics develops personalized cancer immunotherapeutics based on its
proprietary oncolytic adenovirus technology. The Company has clinical experience on 10
purposefully engineered vaccines. These have a direct oncolytic effect due to selective
virus replication in tumor cells, systemic effects through vascular dissemination to
metastases, and induction of a strong immune response against tumor cells mediated by
exposure of tumor antigens upon oncolysis. In addition, most of Oncos product candidates
have a transgene that result in cytokine production in only cancer cells, e.g. GM-CSF,
further enhancing the immune response against tumor cells. Oncos’ oncolytic vaccine
portfolio will be focused on carefully selected cancer types that respond poorly to
conventional therapies.

Based on efficacy and safety signals obtained in an Advanced Therapy Access Program
(ATAP) with 290 cancer patients, for whom standard of care therapies had failed, CGTG-102
was selected as Oncos’ lead product. Clinical experience with 115 CGTG-102-treated
patients in ATAP has yielded important information on e.g. optimal dosing and scheduling
of the product. CGTG-102 has an orphan indication as its initial target: first line
treatment of inoperable Soft Tissue Sarcoma. It is currently in Phase 1 clinical
development in Europe and the US. For more information, see http://www.oncos.com.

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