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Anti-wrinkle Bra Offers Comfort After Breast Surgery

November 13, 2012

AMSTELVEEN, Netherlands and PARIS, November 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Research by French plastic surgeon shows supporting function La Decollette

Anti-wrinkle bra La Decollette also offers support and comfort to women with sleeping
problems after breast surgery. A study by well-known Paris plastic surgeon Dr. Benoit
Couturaud shows that 86 percent of women with breast prothesis feel a sense of comfort
while sleeping with La Decollette and 100 percent find it comfortable.

Couturaud’s survey was conducted under supervision of the Paris research institute
CERCO (Centre d’Etudes et de Recherches Cosmetologique), which in 2010 scientifically
proved that La Decollette makes wrinkles at women’s cleavages disappear. Couturaud has his
practice in Paris and is tied to the Curie Institute. He was searching for a night bra
that could give his patients support and comfort while sleeping after being released from
his clinic. Women with breast prothesis often feel unpleasant when sleeping on their side
after breast surgery. After discovering La Decollette he asked his patients to test the
bra and answer questions about their experiences. CERCO processed the results.

Some participants had breast reconstruction because of medical reasons; most of them
had a breast enlargement. All of them found La Decollette comfortable. Three out of four
said they are going to wear the bra all the year. Although the women in this study had no
problems with wrinkles at their cleavage, 57 percent said their chest smoothened after
wearing La Decollette.

“La Decollette was invented to prevent wrinkles at women’s cleavages, but now it also
seems to support women who had breast surgery. You can use it as a night bra to support
your breast, which makes you sleep more comfortable,” Dutch designer Rachel de Boer says.

Her anti-wrinkle bra is a night bra with no cups that keeps the breasts in place
during the night. This way it prevents wrinkles at the cleavage, caused by breasts being
pressed against each other while sleeping.

La Decollette is getting more and more popular in Europe. Earlier this year, one of
America’s most popular TV shows, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, presented the anti-wrinkle bra
as the cure for wrinkles in your cleavage.

More information: http://www.decollette.eu

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