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BRAVE Awards Recipients Announced

November 14, 2012

DUBLIN, November 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

– Fifteen everyday heroes who selflessly care for others in the face of adversity
honored by Shire in annual international awards program

They inspire with their determination, selflessness, courage and hope. Fifteen
caregivers from around the world have been announced today as Recipients or Distinguished
Honorees in the 2nd Annual Shire BRAVE Awards, an international program that honors the
bravery and devotion of non-professional caregivers. Launched by Shire in 2011, the BRAVE
Awards are the first and only initiative of its kind and are designed to celebrate the
amazing commitment of unsung everyday heroes – caregivers – who provide consistent and
dedicated care for others.

“Our BRAVE Award winners represent the invisible army of millions of family
caregivers, many of whom balance a job, household tasks and the intense medical needs of
another person, and in many case, several people,” said Angus Russell, Shire Chief
Executive Officer. “Their consistent care of others is an enormously generous way to live
their life, and we at Shire are privileged to recognize these individuals who bravely
overcome unimaginable obstacles and work tirelessly to give their loved ones as normal and
healthy a life as possible.”

Shire received more than 550 nominations for the 2012 BRAVE Awards from 10 countries
over the 15 week nomination period. The nominations were reviewed and ranked by the BRAVE
Awards Selection Committee, including select Shire employees from around the world and two
external and independent experts in the area of caregiving. The experts who supported the
selection process for 2012 were Frank Goodwin, Secretary of EuroCarers, the European
association that works on behalf of unpaid caregivers; and Gary Barg, Founder and Editor
in Chief of Today’s Caregiver and author of The Fearless Caregiver.

“The BRAVE Awards is a unique international program that not only recognizes these
specific carers but which also importantly raises awareness of the role non-professional
caregivers play in our society everyday,” said Mr. Goodwin.

Nominations were ranked based on the qualities that define Shire’s own BRAVE culture:
respect, courage, dedication, impact and patience. Shire’s 5,200 global employees helped
to select the Recipients and Distinguished Honorees from the pool of eligible finalists.
The ten Recipients of a 2012 BRAVE Award each will receive $10,000 USD or the local
currency equivalent, and the five Distinguished Honorees will each be awarded $2,500 USD
or the local currency equivalent.

“Providing resources and support for caregivers is a constant focus for those of us
who serve these dedicated healthcare heroes. This unique awards initiative recognizes and
celebrates family caregivers who fearlessly advocate for the wellbeing of their loved
ones, often drawing strength and spirit from the very people for whom they care,” said Mr.

To read more about and hear from each of the 2012 BRAVE Awards Recipients and
Distinguished Honorees, visit http://www.ShireBRAVEAwards.com


Brian Burke (Santa Rosa, CA): Thanks to Brian’s love, support and care, his wife Kate,
who was diagnosed with a stage IV brain tumor, breast cancer and suffered a severe stroke,
has beaten the odds, living well beyond her prognosis and providing hope for countless
cancer and stroke survivors.

Carmen Carrasco Lobato (Malaga, Spain): Carmen a mother of five, has dedicated more
than 43 years of her life to care for her three sons and recently, a family friend, all of
who were born with serious development disabilities. She goes well above and beyond the
role of mother and friend.

Patsy Fleckenstein (Baltimore, MD): For nearly two decades, Patsy has served as the
inspiring matriarch of her family, caring full-time for her two grown children (and their
four kids) after separate car accidents left them both paralyzed from the neck down.

Debra Frain (Cheektowaga, NY): Thanks to Debra’s tireless devotion and refusal to give
up, her 21-year-old son Matt, who suffers from a rare neuromuscular disease and is
confined to a wheelchair, is halfway through college, having lived well past the 12 months
that doctors originally forecasted.

Randall Gregory (Beverly, MA): After Randall’s wife Nicole suffered a stroke that left
her paralyzed from the neck down just one year into their marriage, he has provided
constant emotional, physical and financial support for the woman he calls his wife and
best friend, striving daily to give Nicole as normal a life as possible.

Carol Harmer (Wagga Wagga, Australia): Carol is a full-time mother and full-time
caregiver for her three children, two of whom have Phelan-McDermid syndrome (PMS) and are
fully dependent for basic needs. She also finds time to be an advocate, helping raise
awareness about children with special needs.

Raul Navarro (Corona, CA): Raul has served as his wife Mary’s 24/7 caregiver for
nearly 25 years despite his own battle with cancer, trading in his well-paying job to help
her through two bouts of thyroid cancer, seizures and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

Mary Pizzurro (Tampa, FL): Mary has spent the past 21 years caring for her four
children, two of whom suffer from giant axonal neuropathy (GAN), a disease with no cure
that causes Michael and Joseph to use power wheelchairs, feeding tubes and tracheotomies.
She is also pursuing a nursing degree, inspiring her two daughters to follow in her

Chelsea Scheiber (Rio Oso, CA): By refocusing her career and relocating to care for
her younger brother and best friend Travis, who has Becker Muscular Dystrophy (BMD),
Chelsea is the very definition of a selfless sister.

Otis Williams (Jackson, MS): A family hero, Otis works evenings so he can take care of
his family full-time when they’re awake. His wife Michelle and two of their three children
have Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT), a form of muscular dystrophy.


William Dent (Oakland, CA): Around-the-clock, 70-year-old Bill selflessly cares for
his son Darren, who has Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and relies on a feeding tube
and ventilator, all the while striving to put a smile on Darren’s face each day, as he
knows laughter can be the best medicine.

Mark Jubinville (Chicopee, MA): For 30 years, Mark has selflessly fought for his wife
Lori after she had a stroke during pregnancy and three subsequent strokes that left her
paralyzed on her left side. He also researched a potential solution to prevent future
strokes, all the while raising their son.

Catherine O’Hare (Birmingham, AL): Catherine’s extraordinary level of passion,
humility and commitment to her 18-year-old daughter Amelia, who was diagnosed with spinal
muscular atrophy (SMA) as a one-year-old, has allowed Amelia to live a rich and fulfilling
life, even though she cannot stand or walk.

Daniel Steckman (Holyoke, CO): A great father and loving husband, Dan is the primary
caregiver for his son Jeremy, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, and serves as the
household leader, as his wife received a heart transplant and has health restrictions.

Mary Sweeney (Willis, TX): Mary’s husband Bill, who suffers from Amyotrophic Lateral
Sclerosis (ALS) and cannot walk or speak, has learned to use an eye-gaze computer to
communicate and does more than many able-bodied men thanks to her endless care, love and
encouragement over the past 15 years.

The Shire BRAVE Awards are presented in the spirit of Shire’s BRAVE culture, which
fosters an environment that encourages its employees and partners to act with integrity;
create innovative solutions that make a difference; act on the needs of others; strive to
be better every day; and to exemplify trust and openness through teamwork. Nominations for
the 2013 Shire BRAVE Awards are expected to be open on or about March 15, 2013.

Notes to editors

About the Shire BRAVE Awards

The Shire BRAVE Awards is an international program created by Shire to honor the
courage and dedication of individual caregivers. For the Shire Brave Awards, a caregiver
is defined as an individual who is providing regular, consistent care for another
person(s). The caregiver cannot be a professional healthcare provider and cannot be
compensated in any formal way through their efforts as a caregiver. The caregiver can be a
relative, neighbor, or friend who gives their time, support, and compassion regularly,
helping another person(s) who is (partly or wholly) unable to care for themselves due to
health issues, injury, or other extenuating circumstance. For further information on the
Shire BRAVE Awards, including official rules, legal disclosures, and privacy policy please
visit http://www.ShireBRAVEAwards.com.


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