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Introducing Okinawa Life

November 26, 2012

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — A revolutionary dietary supplement is about to be unveiled. Kowa Health Care America, a subsidiary of Kowa Company Ltd. (an esteemed 100+ year old Japanese company), has just announced plans to reveal their newest product, Okinawa Life®.

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There is an old Okinawan saying: At 70 you are still a child, at 80 a young man or woman. And if at 90 someone from Heaven invites you over, tell him: ‘Just go away, and come back when I am 100.’ As a testament to the saying, Okinawans believe that the fountain of youth lies within the green rolling hills and crystal seas of their lush islands.

According to a 25-year longevity study, their belief is not wrong. Among the 193 countries that were studied, Okinawans were named the healthiest elders with an average lifespan of 86 years. Scientists discovered that the secret to their longevity lay within their diet–one rich in fish, soy and indigenous vegetables.

Okinawa Life®, based on the unique diet of the Okinawans, infuses three essential ingredients to create the optimal supplement for the maintenance of active, healthy lifestyles. Soy Isoflavones; found in high quantities in traditional tofu of Okinawa-called Shima-tofu, has an antioxidant effect that protects the body from active oxygen. Zedoary, a purple turmeric, that helps aid digestion, and Goya, a bitter melon, the nutritional king of the Okinawan diet. Together, they make Okinawa Life.

Tony Hatori, CEO of Kowa Health Care America, Inc., shares the philosophy behind the product. “All Kowa products, including Okinawa Life®, are developed based on the philosophy of “i shoku do gen”. This is an idea that originated in the Orient and further developed in Japan, which promotes the healing power of foods to enhance your health and well-being. It advocates the value of taking natural remedies, and that even the most basic diet can provide health benefits.”

No artificial ingredients or preservatives are used in the manufacturing of Okinawa Life®. The daily recommended dosage is five tiny tablets with a glass of water in the morning after eating. One bottle of Okinawa Life® has 150 tablets, offering a 30-day supply and is available for purchase exclusively at www.OkinawaLife.com or via phone (888-655-9649), with a suggested retail price of $34.95.

Okinawa Life® is here to help Americans enjoy the benefits of the traditional Okinawan diet: Vitality, longevity, immunity.

About Kowa Health Care America:

Kowa Health Care America Inc. is a subsidiary of Kowa Company Ltd. (Japan), a multinational pharmaceutical and trading company. For more than 100 years, Kowa has proudly brought pharmaceutical and nutritional solutions to Japan and the East. Now, for the first time, the company is making their unique dietary supplements available to consumers in the United States.

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