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Dutch Company Receives High Growth Award 2012

November 30, 2012

GRONINGEN, The Netherlands, November 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Polyganics, an independent biomedical company, has won the High Growth Award 2012. The
High Growth Award is a prize for Dutch companies that combine growth, both in quality and
quantity, with a clear vision of the future. Polyganics effectively proves that
entrepreneurship and innovation continue to bear fruit, even in the current economic

Groundbreaking contribution to health care

Polyganics has a leading patents portfolio in the field of biodegradable materials and
related medical applications. The company was founded in 1999 as a spin-off of the
University Medical Centre Groningen, The Netherlands. Close collaboration between
Polyganics and the UMC Groningen has led to a groundbreaking contribution in the
innovation of medical applications that are now used worldwide. Polyganics develops and
makes products that are currently used worldwide by surgeons on millions of patients.

Continued investment

As an innovative, autonomous Dutch company, Polyganics invests continuously in the
growth of knowledge, medical applications, production and the global use of bioresorbable
(degradable) surgical solutions. These help surgeons to achieve optimal results for
patients undergoing an ENT, neurological or intestinal operation. Polyganics develops
these medical tools using two patented technology platforms of biodegradable synthetic
polymers. The residual products are processed and excreted by the body. This makes the
products very patient-friendly, safe and cost-effective, as no further surgery is required
in order to remove implants. Well-known products are NASOPORE(R) and NEUROLAC(R).
Polyganics expects in 2013 to receive the results of an international study into the
application of its new product C-SEAL(R), which was carried out among 600 patients with
intestinal cancer.

Vision of growth

Polyganics grows by applying its own technology towards expanding its product range
with innovations for the current market. This results in a shorter payback time for
innovations and a stronger cash flow for the second growth phase. This parallel second
line of approach ensures that the available technology and new developments are applied
for adjoining surgical markets. Innovations are always aimed at providing a solution to
current medical problems, preferably using patentable solutions, such as bowel leakage and
surgical bleeding. Polyganics meets the needs of doctors and commercial partners all over
the world.


For further information, contact Romke Ribbels, Marketing Manager, +31(0)50-588-65-88

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