How You Can Avoid the Six Major Causes of Holiday Back Pain

December 1, 2012

Seattle back pain specialists at the Belltown Spine and Wellness Center recommend caution when performing these activities during the busy holiday season.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) November 30, 2012

Back pain is a common problem for many during the holiday season. If coupled with the common stresses of the holidays, the onset of severe back-pain can spell an early end to your festivities. However, we need not despair, for the causes of back-pain are easily recognizable. The Seattle back pain specialists at Belltown Spine and Wellness Clinic have put together a list of the most common causes of back pain during the holiday season and ways to avoid it.

  •     Beware the Decorations – So, you’re getting your house ready for the holidays, sprucing it up with your chosen holiday decor. Unfortunately, the simple act of decorating your home can have a high potential for causing back pain. Carrying heavy decorations up ladders and reaching in awkward ways are terrible for your back. Observe basic rules of lifting by keeping your back straight and lifting with the knees. As with anything, don’t be in a hurry. Instead, take it seriously as a physical endeavor.
  •     Slips and Falls – There may be nothing worse for a person’s back than an icy tumble. The colder, wetter weather of the holidays sets the perfect conditions for slipping and falling, especially during those cold winter mornings. Just being aware of your surroundings and approaching with caution can avert disaster. Get some shoes or boots with some good traction, too.
  •     Traveling and Sitting – Like many others, you may be spending a lot of time traveling during this holiday season. Car and plane rides can kink up backs from poor spinal support. Be sure to sit as often as you can in a proper upright position without slouching. Get up frequently to stretch and take care in doing so.
  •     Gift Assembly Nightmares – Ok, maybe you aren’t the handiest around the house, but gifts like furniture and toys must be assembled and positioned. If it falls on you to accomplish this, remember to respect the physical nature of the task. Stretch before lifting and avoid awkward positions by formulating a plan ahead of time.
  •     Stay Active – With the onset of gloomy weather and shorter days, the holiday season can leave many feeling a little sedentary. Unfortunately, the hectic holiday season waits for no one. Long periods of inactivity, punctuated by brief stints of busy work can compromise the health of your back. Keep a baseline of constant activity if you aren’t a winter person, and if you are, temper enthusiasm to avoid injuries.
  •     Lose the Belly – All those holiday treats, while delicious and comforting, can have a negative affect on your mid-section. Moderate exercise for 30 minutes a day can help in avoiding back pain. More serious targeting of core back and stomach muscles can help maintain your back’s alignment. But for goodness’ sake, don’t overdo it on the new exercise equipment you got as a gift.

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