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Eporgen’s Portfolio Company Genovax Sells GX301, its Clinical-Stage Therapeutic Vaccine for the Treatment of Various Types of Cancer, to Mediolanum Farmaceutici

December 3, 2012

MILAN and COLLERETTO GIACOSA, Italy, December 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Mediolanum Farmaceutici SpA, a privately owned company that leads the Mediolanum
Farmaceutici Group of companies, and Genovax srl, a private company which belongs to the
portfolio of Eporgen Venture and was originated from the University of Genoa , announced
the acquisition by Mediolanum of the global rights to GX301, Genovax’s therapeutic vaccine
to treat various types of cancer. The first clinical study with GX301 was successfully
completed earlier this year in prostate and renal cancer patients. Further clinical
studies are scheduled to be initiated in the next few months, and all future development
and commercialization activities will be the responsibility of Mediolanum with the support
of Genovax. Under the agreement, Genovax will receive upfront and milestone payments as
well as royalties.

The acquisition of Genovax’s innovative therapeutic vaccine for the treatment of
various type of cancer is part of a strategy that we initiated since the late ’90s and is
a testament to our commitment to Research and Development”, said Dr Rinaldo Del Bono,
founder and President of Mediolanum Farmaceutici. “The acquisition of GX301 expands the
interests of Mediolanum to a new therapeutic area (oncology). We look forward to advancing
the development of the product through to its worldwide registration and make it available
to cancer patients as soon as possible” added Dr Del Bono.

Dr Domenico Criscuolo, President of Genovax commented: “The agreement with Mediolanum
is a remarkable achievement, which confirms the vision of all researchers who trusted in
the therapeutic potential of GX301. In only four years Genovax’s team was able to
consolidate with clinical results the original idea and to attract the interest of
Mediolanum, which will lead the further development work. My personal thanks to all
Genovax team members, for their dedication and support to GX301 project, and a special
acknowledgement to the memory of Silvano Fumero, who shared my enthusiasm for this
project, and was instrumental for the foundation of Genovax.”

Genovax was founded in March 2008 in Ivrea by Prof. Francesco Indiveri, Prof. Gilberto
Filaci, Dr Daniela Fenoglio, Dr Giuseppe Balbi and Dr Domenico Criscuolo, with the
financial support of Eporgen Venture. The science behind Genovax’s technology was
originated at the Centre of Excellence for Biomedical Research (CEBR), which is based at
the University of Genoa. Konstantinos Efthymiopoulos, President of Eporgen Venture said:
“We are delighted by this event which is the first major transaction of a company in our
portfolio. It validates the vision of Eporgen’s founder, the late Dr Silvano Fumero, and
vindicates the 70 private shareholders of Eporgen who also believed in it and are
nurturing innovation, Italian science and scientists and hope that new therapies will
eventually emerge through their financial support. We would like to congratulate the
Genovax team for bringing GX301 thus far and to wish every success in the further
development of the product, hoping that it will become a life saving therapy for cancer

Further notes for Editors:

About GX301

GX301 is a telomerase-based vaccine against cancer, which completed in February 2012
the first phase I study in prostate and renal cancer patients with very promising results.
The study was conducted in Italy and showed that GX301 was very well tolerated and that
induced vaccine-specific immune response in all patients. Disease stabilisation was
observed in about one third of the patients and overall survival was longer than expected.
GX301 is composed by multiple peptides and adjuvants and is designed to induce potent
immune responses that are specific for cancer cells through the activation of both CD4+
and CD8+ T lymphocytes. It is envisaged that GX301 may be useful also in other types of
cancer and this will be explored in future clinical studies.

About Genovax

Genovax srl is a privately held company based in Colleretto Giacosa (Torino, Italy)
and is focusing on the development of therapeutic vaccines against cancer, such as GX301,
or chronic inflammatory diseases such as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), where the
lead product is GX101.

About Mediolanum Farmaceutici

Mediolanum was founded in 1972 by Dr Rinaldo Del Bono and its headquarters are located
in Milan (Italy). It is a private pharmaceutical group that develops, manufactures,
promotes and markets ethical pharmaceutical products (internally-developed, acquired or
in-licensed) and herbal nutritionals. About 25 products are being commercialized by the
Group, to treat cardiovascular, respiratory, inflammatory and dermatological disorders,
infections, allergies, epilepsy, anemia and neuropathic pain. The Group currently employs
around 570 people and its main commercial activities are concentrated in Italy and France,
while sales in other countries are currently obtained through out-licensing and export

About Eporgen Venture

Eporgen Venture (EV) is an Italian company, entirely funded by private,
non-institutional investors, which is dedicated to seed capital investments in the area of
life sciences. EV started its operations in 2005 and is based in the Bioparco “Silvano
Fumero” in Colleretto Giacosa (Torino, Italy), where it created a portfolio of 11
companies (7 companies developing products and 4 companies developing technologies). These
start-up companies are legally independent entities, controlled by EV, and are built
around intellectual property that is being developed up to a proof-of-concept stage. The
operating model of EV offers the virtues of the “asset-centric” investment model, but also
the operating efficiencies of a small, virtual biotech with a centrally managed portfolio,
guided by seasoned pharma and biotech executives. Since the start of its operations, EV
has experienced a remarkable growth, by doubling the size of its investor base and of its
portfolio of companies. Over the next six months EV is expected to complete further
transactions and raise capital to advance the development of its assets.

        Konstantinos Efthymiopoulos
        President, Eporgen Venture SpA
        T: +39-0125-561000

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