Diet Doc Offers a New Sensible Alternative to Those Considering Invasive Weight Loss Surgery

December 18, 2012

Many spend a lifetime battling obesity, struggling unsuccessfully with various weight loss approaches, finally succumbing to the last resort of invasive surgery. Diet Doc developed a diet tailored specifically to rival invasive surgery.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) December 17, 2012

Insurance requirements state that patients must unsuccessfully participate in a documented weight loss program prior to obtaining approval to undergo bariatric or lap band surgery. Diet Doc´s prescription only hCG diet plan is a medically monitored program offering a more practical, sensible solution guaranteed to produce fast results equal to or greater than risky stomach surgeries. Julie Wright, CEO of Diet Doc says, “Many clients come to us having failed with diets in the past. We feel that obesity is a medical problem; hence it must be addressed by a physician. This type of training is not typical of a regular doctor or even a bariatric surgeon. Weight loss requires specialized training in nutrition as well education in the mechanisms of dieting. Weight loss physician training is unique and is not taught in medical school.” To address this medical condition, they have developed physician monitored nutrition and medication, producing results unique to those with extensive training in treating obesity.

Experts agree that the long-term effects of a diet program will benefit the general health of the individual. Obesity has a negative effect on the body and increases the risk for disease and illnesses. Patients that complete the Diet Doctor program can lose weight rapidly, thereby enjoying a healthier lifestyle without the expense, potential long-term risks and side effects associated with bariatric or lap band surgery. The company offers an all-inclusive fast diet program and is affordable to almost everyone. They also offer a wide selection of delicious diet food as well as prescription diet pills and essential vitamins and minerals to complement an individualized nutrition plan. Prior to treatment, each client will visit with a Diet Doc physician for evaluation. If the physician feels that treatment is necessary, prescription diet aids may be prescribed along with an individualized nutrition plan. Diet Doctor offers a comprehensive range of prescription only medication, designed to rival invasive stomach surgery, considered to be a last resort by many.

Diet Doc has modified and modernized the original hCG diet plan to allow patients to consume more than double the original calories, offering a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates, and rendering this plan safer and more effective than traditional hCG clinics. Diet Doc´s dedicated staff of weight loss professionals is committed to providing patients with personalized care and support, guiding toward the road to success and permanent improved health. Prior to the patient committing to a healthier quality of life, an extensive medical evaluation is performed. If physicians deem the patient a qualified candidate for prescription services, a personalized diet plan will be developed by in-house certified nutritionists under the supervision of a physician. Prescription strength hCG will be dispensed to the patient to be used in conjunction with the individualized diet plan. Because injection hCG provides more rapid results, many patients prefer this method of delivery, whereas some may choose oral drops or sublingual tablets. Each patient will be medically monitored by in-house physicians throughout the productive weight loss journey and expert consultants are available six days per week to answer questions and to lend unlimited support and guidance during each patient´s journey to a future of improved health.

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