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EHE International Reports 30-Percent Growth in New Exam Sites

December 19, 2012

NEW YORK, Dec.19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — EHE International, the recognized leader in preventive medicine and annual physical exams, increased its number of exam sites by 30 percent in 2012, the company announced today. New EHE-certified sites will provide thousands of EHE International members with greater access to EHE’s leading preventive health programs, and allow them to proactively maintain their health.

“EHE International had a banner year in 2012 as we continued to expand options for our U.S. members,” said Deborah McKeever, president of the company. “EHE members now have access to more doctors in more areas of the country, and in more specialized areas of preventive medicine than ever before.”

EHE has 100 years of experience in caring for a company’s greatest asset: its employees. By emphasizing physician-led clinical preventive care, EHE improves productivity, saves employers money and allows employees to proactively manage their own health.

“We all agree that preventive care for our vehicles is a good idea,” said McKeever. “It’s absurd that we don’t think the same about our bodies. The good news is more and more employers are starting to see the value in fostering a physician-patient relationship at the preventive level as a means of keeping employees healthy rather than simply focusing on fixing problems.

“The benefits of clinically based, standardized protocols in physical exams extend beyond the physician’s office,” added McKeever. “It builds a framework to achieve maximum benefits from employer-sponsored on-site wellness programs. A doctor telling you that you need to do to improve your health is more impactful to personal health over that of a benefits or wellness program director.

“As this awareness continues to grow and more employers focus on prevention as a reliable way to help control future healthcare costs, we expect to continue adding coverage at a high rate in the months and years to come.”

About EHE International
Since 1913, EHE International has been the recognized leader in preventive medicine. Its clinical protocols are specifically designed for early detection of preventable disease and associated risk factors, supported by robust personal coaching and health management tools and resources. EHE International is the oldest and largest preventive medicine specialist and its clinically based educational and social engagement platforms are the preferred choice among America’s leading employers. For more information, visit www.eheintl.com.

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