Is Facebook Making You Fat?
December 25, 2012

Facebook Stalking Could Be Costing You Your Figure

Lee Rannals for - Your Universe Online

Sitting around during the holidays and checking out a few updates on Facebook while photo-stalking an old lover? One report suggests that may be making you fat.

A new study found Facebook stalking and scouring for the latest updates from your friends could be a contributor to negative eating habits that could drive up obesity.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 35 percent of all American adults struggle with obesity.

According to CBS Atlanta, Keith Wilcox, PhD and colleagues surveyed almost 500 people about their Internet use, specifically as it pertained to Facebook.

Of the 470 participants who took part in the study, those who used Facebook the most had reputedly higher body mass indexes than those who were not as engaged so often.

The researchers learned binge eating was commonly associated with high involvement with the social networking site. They also found Facebook use increased self-esteem of those who used it.

Study participants were presented with both healthy and unhealthy snack options after using Facebook. Eighty-percent of those who scrolled through their news feeds chose the less healthy option.

“People use momentary increases in self-esteem as a license to indulge,” Wilcox told Men's Health Magazine. “The key here is that [the study participant] did not actually do anything to merit a treat.”