New Video on Benefits of Probiotics Posted By DietRecommendations.com

January 6, 2013

Popular health and fitness website DietRecommendations.com has recently released a useful video explaining how certain types of healthy bacteria may drastically improve overall health. According to the video, these healthy bacterial species named Probiotics can protect the human body from as many as 170 diseases and health conditions.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) January 05, 2013

Probiotics or healthy bacteria are presently being considered by many fitness experts to be the next big thing in the health and wellness market. The stomach in the human body is home to approximately 100 trillion living bacteria. In a recently posted video on DietRecommendations.com, it mentioned that maintaining the ideal ratio between the good and bad bacteria plays a significant part in the overall health and wellness.

Several clinical studies have established the fact that inadequate level of probiotics can result in more than 170 types of health issues including Celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, insulin resistance, behavioral disorders, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, obesity, and many more. According to DietRecommendations.com, the ideal ratio of probiotics to bad bacteria for the human body is 85:15. Several limiting factors like exposure to sugar, artificial sweeteners, processed foods, chlorinated water, pollution, etc. restrict the human body from attaining this healthy ratio. Probiotic supplements may be an alternative to restore this balance, suggests DietRecommendations.com. However, the video also informs that almost 93% of the probiotics present in a traditional supplement are dead during storage.

DietRecommendations.com is a well known health website and regularly offers authentic information, reviews, and updates on health supplements, workouts, and nutrition. On the basis of their thorough study, DietRecommendations.com strongly recommends Pro-X10 from BioTrust because of its advanced formula that enhances the survival of probiotic cells by encasing each of them in a lipid matrix. As a result, 10 times more healthy bacteria are delivered by 2 doses of Pro-X10 per day, comparing to most other similar products. Moreover, Pro-X10 consists of three unique strands of probiotic species that are not found in 99% of other supplements. Actazin, a powerful probiotic support nutrient, is also present in Pro-X10.

DietRecommendations.com also informs that all buyers of the Pro-X10 are protected with a 1 Year Money Back Guarantee. They are also entitled to receive a free copy of BioTrust’s popular fat loss guidebook named 7 Day Rapid Fat Loss Diet with each order.

Pro-X10 is available through this link http://8weekbodytransformation.biotrust.com/shop.asp?p=Prox10

About Dietrecommendations.com: Dietrecommendations.com is a closely followed health and fitness website offering regular advice on nutrition, health supplements, and workouts. The probiotic supplements video can be viewed here http://dietrecommendations.com/pro-x10-probiotic-supplement-from-biotrust/

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