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Medicalbillersandcoders.com Billing Specialists are Progressively Improving Rural Health Centers’ Revenue

January 8, 2013

WILMINGTON, Delaware, January 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Medical Billers and Coders, with its extensive experience in medical billing
[http://www.medicalbillersandcoders.com ], coding and consulting, provides extensive
support to Rural Health Centers’ (RHC) billing requirements. The experience of the
talented medical billers and coders on board with MBC is available to providers as well as
independent rural health clinics and facilities.

Understanding unique requirements of Rural Health Centers

The billing requirements of rural health care centers are unique and MBC has an
in-depth understanding of their specific billing requirements. The complexity of RHC
billing escalates with professional as well as institutional billing components. MBC
billing professionals are aware of the criticality of claim filing to both institutional
(Medicare ‘A’) and professional (Medicare ‘B’) along with Medicaid filing processes. Most
Rural health clinics struggle with medical billing and other administrative burdens and
this can adversely affect their reputation, thereby affecting their performance.

Rural health centers are set up to be reimbursed from Medicare & Medicaid on
cost-based methods, rather than the traditional fee schedules. Since the reimbursement is
cost-based and medical necessity plays such an important role, gathering billing
intelligence itself is a challenge for most billers and medical billing agencies
[http://www.medicalbillersandcoders.com/Consultancy_Services.aspx ]. The previous
experience in Rural Health Billing makes all the difference to RHC clients’ reimbursement

With decade-long expertise in the healthcare field, MBC has an extensive database of
highly experienced medical billing professionals along with proven processes and solutions
that can identify and meet the specific revenue management needs of rural health clinics.
Ultimately MBC can help rural health clinics improve their functioning and improve the
accessibility of their services in the rural areas.

MBC can help rural health clinics to achieve significant savings through specialized

        - Detailed handling of electronic claims submission to multiple insurance
        - Effective coding processes so as to help in improved collections
        - Development of effective entry system pertaining to demographic information
        - Development of accurate reports pertaining to visit as well as payments along
          with cost rate analysis
        - Compliance reviews on an annual basis
        - Plugging loopholes to ensure reduced rejections pertaining to incorrect
          Medicaid FFS as well as Medicaid HMO claims.

MBC has on board highly experienced medical billers and coders specialists in the
country. With their network of professionals spread across all the 50 US states, the rural
health centers can be assured that well equipped and knowledgeable professionals will
deliver their revenues into their bank accounts. With the specialized services on offer,
rural health centers can immediately enjoy improved patient flow as well as improved
operational efficiency. Smooth processes and efficient technology interface will support
the rural health centers to effectively reach out to a higher number of patients thereby
amplifying chances of increased revenue. The experts at MBC design efficient processes
that keep the rural health centers updated of changes affecting the costs and effectively
revenue of the practice.

About Medicalbillersandcoders.com
[http://www.medicalbillersandcoders.com/about-us.aspx ]

Medicalbillersandcoders.com assigns hundreds of medical billers and coders who have
experience in multiple specialties to assist hospitals and private practices with their
Medical Billing requirements. Medicalbillersandcoders.com is the largest ‘Consortium of
Medical Billers and Coders,’ across the US. The portal brings together hundreds of
billers, with experience in different specialties, on the same platform to service
physicians in their local areas. This network of coders and billers is growing rapidly and
is currently servicing over 50 specialty physicians, across the US ( Los Angeles Medical
[http://www.medicalbillersandcoders.com/city/losangeles-california-medical-billing-specialist.html ]
, Illinois Medical Billing
[http://www.medicalbillersandcoders.com/0-illinois-0-medical-billing.html ], New Jersey
Medical Billing [http://www.medicalbillersandcoders.com/0-newjersey-0-medical-billing.html
], San Diego Medical Billing
[http://www.medicalbillersandcoders.com/city/sandiego-california-medical-billing-specialist.html ]
, San Francisco Medical Billing
[http://www.medicalbillersandcoders.com/city/sanfrancisco-california-medical-billing-specialist.html ]
, Dallas Medical Billing
[http://www.medicalbillersandcoders.com/city/dallas-texas-medical-billing-specialist.html ]
, Phoenix Medical Billing
[http://www.medicalbillersandcoders.com/city/phoenix-arizona-medical-billing-specialist.html ]
, San Jose Medical Billing
[http://www.medicalbillersandcoders.com/city/sanjose-california-medical-billing-specialist.html ]
, Chicago Medical Billing
[http://www.medicalbillersandcoders.com/city/chicago-illinois-medical-billing-specialist.html ]
) with the most prominent being Plastic Surgery medical billing
[http://www.medicalbillersandcoders.com/0-0-plasticsurgery-medical-billing.html ],
Hospitalist Billing
[http://www.medicalbillersandcoders.com/0-0-hospitalistbilling-medical-billing.html ] and
General Practice.

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