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Clearing Up the HCG Double Talk by US HCG Injections

January 10, 2013

LARGO, Fla., Jan. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — When it comes to weight loss, fitness or diet programs there are as many methods and opinions as there are experts or professionals. In fact it is entirely likely that if a number of Doctors, nutritionists and personal trainers were polled they would each likely have differing guidelines and recommendations.

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The evidence is all around; there are literally dozens of diet programs and even more workout programs all of whom claim to be the best system or at the least a top system. Of course for every diet or fitness routine there are going to be detractors, skeptics and critics of these programs.

In addition in almost every case, for every study endorsing a system there is another contradicting that system. Case in point, recently a Duke study stated that cardiovascular exercise was best for fat loss yet a study conducted by Queen’s University stated that bodyweight training was best for fat loss. (1)

With all of the information available it is easy to attempt to discredit one particular program or another, the hcg diet is no exception. US HCG Injections will address some of the common “double talk” and explain another point of view.

Here are some of the common concerns with the hcg diet plan-

The weight loss is by virtue of a low calorie plan and not by hcg- Part of this is true, it is a fact that when undertaking a low calorie plan that an overweight person is simply going to lose weight and fast. The problem is where the weight loss may be coming from. A person simply cutting calories is likely to lose fat, water and of course muscle to get the weight loss result. There is at least some anecdotal evidence via case studies that suggest that muscle mass retention is improved while on hcg shots versus those that did not use hcg shots.

Many of the early studies did little testing of body composition and only listed total weight loss in hcg groups and non hcg groups undergoing the same diet program. Of course the benefit of retaining more muscle means the body is likely to look different and more muscle results in better fat burning even when off of the diet. (2)

When the hcg diet is discontinued the weight comes back- This claim is a bit puzzling only because it assumes the dieter will just go right back to what they were doing before they lost weight. As with ANY diet or fitness program if a participant simply stops and goes back to old ways weight will come back. As an example, what would happen to a person that joined a gym, lost twenty pounds and then they stopped going to the gym? Obviously, they too would put the weight back on, so does that mean gyms are ineffective?

Low calorie diets are dangerous- In some cases this may be true, especially if there are preexisting or underlying conditions present, but there is data that suggests short term use of a very low calorie diet is not only safe, but beneficial. A study conducted with obese diabetics found that a 12 week program not only resulted in significant weight loss, but two insulin dependent patients were able to manage their diabetes without insulin at the end of the study! (3)

HCG is illegal- Again this is half true. The FDA has stated thathomeopathic or oral hcg to be illegal and the reason is that most of these products either contain trace amounts of hcg or none at all. This means that a dieter using these products is not getting anything of substance that will help with fat loss. On the other hand, hcg has many real medical uses and while it is not “approved” for weight loss, it is legal to use as an off label product. There are hundreds of medications on the market today that are used legally for reasons other than what the FDA has approved them for. (4)

HCG is a fad diet- By definition a fad is something that is a flash in the pan or temporary, the hcg diet protocol, using real hcg of course, has been around since the 1950′s after being created by Dr. ATW Simeons.

When it comes to deciding on a plan, it is up to the individual to find a plan that will work for them. This is a highly personal decision that requires thought and research. Unfortunately there is quite a bit of contradicting information around and only by taking a common sense approach will potential dieters be able to decide if a program may be right for them.

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