Blueline Products Announces “The Dr’s Choice Weight Loss Program,” Exclusively Recommended by the octors for patients.

February 5, 2013

Blueline Products features “The Dr´s Choice Weight Loss Program,” which contains a triple combination of potent formulas that provide excellent weight loss benefits. Exclusively sold to Doctors for their weight loss clients.

Spanish Fork, UT (PRWEB) February 05, 2013

Blueline Products Company has been conducting extensive research to determine the action of specific combination of products that produce weight loss. The “Dr´s Choice Weight Loss Program,” contains a unique tri-combination of highly effective diet products: Vibrational Dr´s Choice Diet Drops, Sleep Formula, and Adrenal Formula. The research conducted on the subjects demonstrated that all test subjects had an improved weight loss when this triple pack formula was used in combination with a weight loss diet. The Dr´s Choice weight loss program is exclusively recommended by the expert doctors.

Each of the products used in this triple pack formula have a proven track record.

DC1000 Vibrational Diet Drops: It is the most potent formula that promotes dramatic weight loss. The product contains a unique combination of botanicals, such as the African Mango that increase metabolic weight loss, as proven by the clinical studies. The DC1000 formula, containing vibrational HCG is the only product that is FDA compliant following the recent ban of homeopathic HCG. The Blueline incorporates an exclusive technology for processing its liquid formulas.

Sleep & Mood: It is a sleep enhancement formula that offers several health benefits to the body as well as the mind. The product provides a deeper and more restful sleep; reduces routine exposure to stress and anxiety; initiates healthy weight loss, and suppresses unwanted food cravings. Assist formula also helps to balance one´s mood by supporting the body health and an overall state of mind. It is a best product on the market today that effectively produces desirable results.

Adrenal: It is a potent adrenal formula that is recommended for anyone following a weight loss program as it helps to avoid or reverse the diet related health conditions like burnout, fatigue, low physical and mental energy, brain fog, mood swings, and weakened immune system. Each of these symptom is a warning sign of a kind of adrenal exhaustion. If a person feels ill while on a diet regime, then one tends to wean off from diet. Blueline´s Adrenal formula is specially formulated by combining eight of the most effective herbs, and trace minerals together, which yield best results by balancing the adrenal gland function, rebuilding, and supporting the adrenal glands. It is available as 2 oz bottle of oral drops and the prescribed dose is 15 drops twice a day for 3 weeks.

Each of the products already owns a proven track record.

Blueline Products provides a diet protocol (printed copy), 82 page recipe book, and a Personal Journal (ebooks) for record keeping purpose for each program. Along with marketing and business building tools.

These formulas, and other items, are now available at their online store: http://bluelineproducts.com/

Dave Smith, CEO, has an ongoing commitment in conducting in-depth research before delivering the best proven nutriceuticals to the public. Blueline Products has already established a strong platform in the weight loss industry with the release of Vibrational HCG Diet Drops, and its line of micro-encapsulated liquid formulas. Many more cutting edge products can be expected in the near future.

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