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Amgen and Peregrine Under StockCall Scrutiny: Pharma Stocks Deal with Drug Developments and Patents

February 6, 2013

LONDON, February 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Pharma stocks performed fairly well lately. However, the main concern for all the
major companies was related to the patent expiry of their blockbuster drugs. Amgen Inc.
(NASDAQ: AMGN) is about to lose its patent exclusivity for its cancer drug Neupogen.
However, the sector is also witnessing good merger and acquisition activities, where big
players are acquiring smaller companies in order to make up the losses sustained through
patent expirations. Smaller biotech companies are also betting big on developing drugs for
various cancers, though the prospects do not look so bright. StockCall analysts have
released their latest round of technical research on Amgen and Peregrine. This free
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Amgen Provides Optimistic Projections

Amgen recently reported positive results for the fourth quarter. Its revenue grew
11.25 percent to $4.42 billion while its adjusted net income stood at $1.40 per share,
beating consensus estimate of $1.39 per share in quarterly net income. Amgen expects its
FY 2013 adjusted earnings to be in the range of $6.85 and $7.15 per share, while revenue
is likely to be in the range of $17.8 billion and $18.2 billion, in comparison to $17.3
billion in revenue it earned for FY2012. Thus, while the company is likely to report
better results, but the rate of growth is likely to be a little muted. However, Amgen
surpassed consensus estimates for the projections. Register today and read our free
technical report on Amgen at


The company also successfully conducted phase 3 of its cancer drug Neulasta. Amgen
draws a big chunk of its revenue from Neupogen franchise. However, the drug would go off
patent protection by the end of 2013 and the loss of exclusivity is expected to affect
Amgen. Neupogen faces stiff competition from the companies like Novartis in the markets
outside of the U.S. and these competing companies may launch their products in the U.S.,
causing further damage. However, the company has somewhat strong drug candidates including
AMG145, a cholesterol drug candidate.

Amgen stock grew over 25 percent in the past 12 months. It also offers good dividend
yield of 2.17 percent. The company is likely to increase its dividend in the future, thus
offering good returns to the investors. Amgen is also growing through acquisitions as it
recently completed the purchase of Icelandic company decode Genetics.

Peregrine Struggles with Cancer Drug Development

Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc. specializes in developing therapies for viral
infections. It also develops treatments for cancers. It is currently engaged in developing
treatment for non-small cell lung cancer. If successful, the company will make big
fortunes as non-small cell lung cancer accounts for about 80 percent of lung cancer cases.
However, the company does not have very solid track record. The drug candidate bavituximab
has been controversial as it led to the stock’s massive tumble in September 2012. Sign up
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Peregrine is a small company with the market capitalization of less than $300 million.
The stock is quite volatile as well. The company is currently looking to get past the
phase II for bavituximab. Overall, the stock may be held if it is already in your
portfolio. On the upside, the stock is currently trading about 50 percent below its
52-week high, thus in case of positive news on its lung cancer drug, Peregrine stock has
massive upside.

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