Diet Doc Releases a Free and Comprehensive My Diet Doc Health Survey Questionnaire

February 8, 2013

Diet Doc released a free and comprehensive My Diet Doc Health Survey Questionnaire that perfectly complements their hCG diet plans.

Anchorage, AK (PRWEB) February 08, 2013

Diet Doc released a free and comprehensive Health Survey Questionnaire that perfectly complements their hCG diet plans. This web-based health survey questionnaire acts as a personalized guide to their diet supplements. Developed in collaboration with Metagenics, this online survey questionnaire offers unique results that help patients determine their bodies´ strengths and weaknesses, as well as organs or bodily functions that may be over or underperforming. Worth $200, My Diet Doc Health Survey Questionnaire is provided free of charge to new patients, offering an online subjective review of their organ systems that may not be performing at optimum levels. A perfect addition to the diet plans formulated by the company, this online health survey questionnaire is based on a subjective review of major organs which might not be performing well, and are normally negatively affected by diet, medications, health history, lack of exercise, unhealthy eating, and stress. This Internet based program that allows people to complete the assessment anywhere that there is access to the internet, identifies poorly performing organ systems and allows in-house physicians to formulate a personalized nutritional support plan for them. This is accomplished using a comprehensive and sophisticated nutritional and health algorithm from well-respected medical and nutritional science journals such as The Michigan Manual of Clinical Diagnosis, Manual of Nutritional Therapeutics, The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics, Ferri´s Clinical Advisor, and Modern Nutrition in Health and Disease among others.

All the findings of My Diet Doc Health Survey Questionnaire are provided in a bar graph format for severity and frequency to help each person understand underlying health problems. Once the various organ and body systems are subjectively reviewed and personalized diet plans are prepared, the diet plans along with the doctor recommendations for improvements are emailed to the patient, so they can review the severity of symptoms. Diet Doc also develops a strategy and nutritional protocol to optimize the body´s self-healing mechanisms by restoring both internal and external balance. As the leading innovator in alternative health care today, the company has introduced a new way to review the entire organ system and discover poorly performing organs to help improve overall health, which is the first of its kind in the nation. The initial overall health screening of patients is done through their My Diet Doc Health Survey Questionnaire that is a perfect addition to their medical weight loss program that also guarantees improved health apart from safe and fast weight loss. Patients cannot always be relied upon to volunteer important information during a new patient consultation. By soliciting relevant information about patients´ symptoms, My Diet Doc Health Survey Questionnaire intervenes early in the evolutionary process of disease development by aiding improved organ function. Diet Doc is the only provider of medically supervised hCG weight loss plans available nationwide. After identifying poorly performing organ systems that cause weight loss slow down, memory and mood problems, women’s and men´s sexual health problems, fatigue and more, patients can expect to feel better in many areas within 30 days. As the only weight loss organization that offers such a detailed health survey questionnaire, the company aims to improve organ function and communication between organs systems based on the results.

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