Neurological Wellness Center Criticizes the U.S. Patent Office for Issuing a Patent for an Injection Site on the Human Body

February 13, 2013

The Newly-Released Award-Winning Movie Burzynski Documenting the U.S. Patent Office´s Alleged Collusion with the FDA to Enrich Big Pharma by Denying Americans Access to Life-Saving Cancer Treatments Inspires Neurological Wellness Center Physicians to Decry a Similar Move by the U.S. Patent Office, FDA and Big Pharma to Deny Americans Access to Effective Alzheimer´s Treatment, Stroke Treatment and Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment.

(PRWEB) February 13, 2013

Unlike Dr. Burzenski´s antineoplastons, the drug used to effectively treat Alzheimer´s, Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury is available at your local pharmacy. This drug, Enbrel, is used by over 400,000 Americans as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. However, for Enbrel to effectively treat Alzheimer´s, Stroke and TBI, it must be administered to the back of the neck precisely between cervical vertebrae C-5 and C-6. Only in the United States does a patent of an injection site on the human body have legal standing in a court of law.

Since 2010 Neurological Wellness Center has been providing hands-on individual instruction on the administration of this perispinal injection at their headquarters in Managua Nicaragua. Visit http://www.reversealzheimersnow.com.

For many, flying to Managua Nicaragua to receive this personalized training is an enormous expense and inconvenience. To overcome this problem, Neurological Wellness Center, under the direction of Augusto Ramirez, M.D., created Perispinal Enbrel Step-By-Step Instructional Video and accompanying e-book. This 24-minute video and 37-page e-book are now available online at http://www.neurological-recovery-guide.com.

Augusto Ramirez, M.D., Director of Neurological Wellness Center, a private medical group in Managua Nicaragua, authorized this press release.

Presently all FDA-approved drugs for the treatment of Alzheimer´s disease simply slow the rate of disease progression. Enbrel, when administered to the area between cervical vertebrae C-5 and C-6, enables the recovery of cognitive function, reversing impairments to memory, resulting in an improved sense of well-being and more engaging social interaction. A portion of those people treated with perispinal Enbrel injections will go on to live normal lives and eventually die of causes unrelated to Alzheimer´s disease.

Pharmaceutical companies generate billions of dollars annually selling drugs approved for the treatment of Alzheimer´s disease. The U.S. patent office, by granting patent 7214658, effectively makes it illegal for American physicians to treat Alzheimer´s disease by administering Enbrel perispinally. A physician who administers a subcutaneous injection of any drug to this area of the neck is in violation of patent 7214658. Administering such an injection exposes the physician to litigation and the prospect of being forced to pay a hefty fine for patent infringement.

The recent publication of an observational study involving 629 stroke and traumatic brain injury patients treated with perispinal Enbrel injections demonstrates the potential of perispinal Enbrel treatments to effectively address the unmet medical needs of millions of people living with impairments caused by stroke or TBI. Perispinal Enbrel´s efficacy extends to persons treated years after suffering a stroke or TBI.

“The U.S. Patent Office´s issuance of 7214658 not only serves to limit access to an alternative to the minimally effective Alzheimer´s treatment pharmaceuticals that are currently available, but importantly serves to limit access to a treatment for stroke and TBI, for which there is presently no other treatment available.” Dr. Augusto Ramirez.

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To purchase an instructional video and e-book on administering perispinal injections visit: http://www.neurological-recovery-guide.com.

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