Effective Environmental Services Relaunches Odor Control Product

February 20, 2013

Effective Environmental Services and Clifford Woods offer the benefits of the relaunch of odor control product to knock down odors and reduce environmental impact in a non-polluting way. No chemicals or masking perfumes are used.

Lake View Terrace, CA (PRWEB) February 20, 2013

Effective Environmental Services and Clifford Woods are pleased to announce the relaunch of their odor control product that is able to provide Organic Odor Control allows users to get rid of odor organically and is environmentally safe. The product doesn’t need chemicals or perfumes, since it attacks the cause of the odor, rather than simply masking the unpleasant smells.

Speaking to an interviewer recently, Mr. Woods explained, “Organic Odor Control is environmentally non-polluting, even around children. It is made using beneficial, live organisms which reduce odors through microbial digestion of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, in addition to minimizing odor-producing organic and pathogenic compounds.” He continues, “Use Organic Odor Control around the house and property to eliminate unpleasant and unwanted household odors arising from garbage disposals, pets, bathrooms, kitchen waste, litter boxes, cooked fish, smoke, and sour laundry naturally with no chemicals or perfumes.”

Organic Odor Control is made using a natural fermentation process. It isn’t genetically engineered or chemically synthesized. The product works using a natural process to consume and control odor-causing compounds in nearly any venue. The live organisms in Organic Odor Control provide consumption of the putrefactive elements which are the underlying cause of odor. The basic groups of microorganisms are lactic acid bacteria (from cheese and yogurt), yeast (from bread and beer), and phototrophic bacteria (related to blue-green algae).

The product is safe to spray on nearly all fabrics and other textiles, with only a light mist. It can be used in livestock holding areas, barns and horse stalls as well as indoors. The use of the spray will not only reduce odors, but helps to reduce fly populations. It is safe to spray around animals and children, since it is non-polluting.

Learn more about the way the product helps to get rid of odor organically by visiting the website at http://www.effens.com/our-products/organic-odor-control/ now. Interested parties, including members of the press can use the contact information below for further details.

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