Carometec Provides Food Processing Plants with Boot Washers That May Prevent Contamination and Illness

February 21, 2013

Automated boot and sole washers keep food-processing plants clean and efficient as industry strives to keep up with new rules in Food Safety Modernization Act.

Peosta, Iowa (PRWEB) February 21, 2013

With the FDA’s newly released proposed rules under the Food Safety Modernization Act, food producers strive to develop new plans or improve existing procedures to prevent bacterial contamination at its source and reduce outbreaks of foodborne illness. Carometec Food Technology has had their eye on food safety and illness prevention long before the topic grew to its current level of industry and public interest. Understanding the need for employee compliance with new rules and government recommended sanitation procedures, Carometec also is acutely aware of the issues that surround a successful outcome for individual producers.

In general, food-processing areas in plants are separated from non- processing areas, and high-risk areas are kept away from lower risk areas. Good employee hygiene is at the forefront of preventing cross contamination and food borne illness. The importance of this cannot be over stressed. Unfortunately, dirty hands or boots can easily and quickly spread bacteria throughout a food processing building and endanger the health of hundreds of people. It is therefore crucial that companies develop a plan to control these potential safety hazards.

On the subject of footwear, whether we are dealing with the floor of a harvesting building or ready-to-eat prep areas, clean boots and footgear are mandatory. The solution for sanitary control for boots grew from the need and companies like Carometec who created automated systems to accomplish these tasks safely and efficiently. From the space-saving models all the way to fully automated systems, employees are guided through the necessary steps. These systems streamline the process and create employee compliance. Many systems prohibit access to sensitive food production areas until the full sanitizing process has been completed.

Jeb Supple of Carometec comments, “Our walk-thru systems really keep food processing plants efficient, and workers on time. With foodborne illness and the prevention therein, being such an issue at this time, it´s almost a legal sentence in the works to not have these products in-house.”

Sole washers are also available. “Our clients and those seeking boot washer or sole washer sanitation equipment have found outstanding results with the boot washer and sole washer products,” adds Supple. Automatically started by sensors, this equipment sprays jet water and sanitizing product, which can be set according to a company’s specific needs. As with automatic hand washing/sanitizing systems and boot washers, automation seems to hold the key to the most promising road for compliance and protection for the consumer and the industry.

Carometec is a Hygiene Equipment and Sanitation Equipment provider that provides superior, high quality, rugged, low maintenance, bacteria-fighting equipment to assist with food safety in food handling environments. You can read more about their products at http://www.carometecusa.com

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