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ContextVision Pushes the Limits of Medical Imaging

March 8, 2013

VIENNA and STOCKHOLM, March 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

The only provider of ultrasound 3D image enhancement in real-time brings

multidimensional power to ECR

Since 1983, ContextVision has pushed its image enhancement technology forward,
delivering unparalleled diagnostic image quality to clinicians. This year, ContextVision
will demonstrate its cutting-edge software within ultrasound, x-ray, magnetic resonance
imaging, mammography and more.

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This versatile GOP(R) technology combined with image processing expertise allows
ContextVision to continuously improve the quality of medical images around the world.

At ECR, ContextVision will demonstrate products including:

        - GOPiCE(R) US (3D/4D)- The industry's first ultrasound real-time
          three-dimensional filtering product, it enhances 3D ultrasound volumes by filtering
          images to remove speckle, noise and other artifacts, while simultaneously sharpening
          diagnostically significant structures. Volumetric acquisitions empowered by
          multi-dimensional image enhancement leads to faster and more accurate diagnosis.
        - Three New add-on modules for GOPView XR2Plus will be shown including
          Intelligent Exposure Index based on the relevant region of the image i.e. true tissue.
          ContextVision will also show its Defect Correct Library as well as Doctors Interface
          for end user image control.
        - GOPView(R) iRVUltra - ContextVision's second generation of image enhancement
          technology for interventional radiology has unprecedented success in reducing noise
          while enhancing fine structures and edges. This ultimately allows for significantly
          improved image quality while maintaining patient dose, or, alternatively, preserved
          image quality using a lower patient dose.

“Our ultra-fast algorithms for 3D/4D image enhancement allow doctors improved
diagnostic value in 2D planes as well as in 3D renderings,” said Anita Tollstadius,
ContextVision CEO. “These additional dimensions are essential to ultrasound examinations
because they decrease the risk of not having acquired the entire anatomy, as could be the
case with a 2D examination. With 3D, the whole anatomy can be acquired with one single

Visit us in booth #520 in Expo E at ECR!

About ContextVision

Since 1983, ContextVision has been a leading provider of image enhancement software to
the global medical imaging industry, with the versatile GOP(R) technology at the core of
all our imaging solutions. We play a key role in helping manufacturers by offering
clinicians unparalleled diagnostic image quality, ultimately providing patients with
better care. ContextVision continues to offer the latest software and expertise within
ultrasound, x-ray, magnetic resonance imaging, mammography, interventional radiology and
computed tomography. Our groundbreaking technology and lengthy expertise have granted us a
pioneer position within 2D/3D/4D image enhancement across multiple modalities. For more
information, visit http://www.contextvision.com.


        Fredrik Palm
        Director of Sales & Marketing
        ContextVision AB
        Phone: +46(0)8-750-35-66
        Email: Fredrik.Palm@contextvision.se



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