Bumble Bee Tuna Expands Recall After Millions Of Cans Possibly Spoiled
March 9, 2013

Bumble Bee Tuna Expands Recall After Millions Of Cans Possibly Spoiled

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online

Bumble Bee Foods LLC has expanded a tuna recall after an issue arose with improperly sealed cans of tuna, possibly leading to spoiled product. The recall now includes more than 3 million five-ounce cans.

The products affected were improperly sealed at a California packing plant, according to Kim Painter of USA Today. As of March 8, 2.4 million cans of tuna sold under the Bumble Bee brand name and nearly 660,000 marketed under the Chicken of the Sea brand name (but canned at Bumble Bee´s California plant) are affected by the recall.

"No illnesses have been reported and the manufacturing problem that caused the mistake has been fixed," reports Painter, citing the companies. “Consumers and retailers should throw out the tuna, some of which was on sale as recently as Wednesday, say updated statements from the manufacturers.”

According to ABC News, the tuna has loose seals and seams that could cause the fish product contained within to become contaminated by microbes. The cans involved in the expanded recall had been distributed to stores between January 17 and March 6, while the original recall only covered products delivered through February 27.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is advising anyone who purchased tuna covered by the recall to dispose the product immediately. A complete list of all affected products, along with their sale-by date and can label UPCs, are listed online at the FDA´s official website.

"Due to can integrity concerns, our top priority at this time is to remove these recalled products from distribution as soon as possible. We are working closely with our sales team and with retailers to help expedite the recall,” Bumble Bee Foods SVP of Technical Services and Corporate Quality Assurance Steve Mavity said in a statement.

"We must assure our consumers and retailers of a safe and quality product so we very much appreciate everyone's part in disposing of the products with the specific codes indicated,” he added. “We're voluntarily recalling products to ensure the highest margin of safety and quality.”

The original recall notice had been issued Wednesday and included both Bumble Bee and Brunswick brand chunk white albacore in water and chunk light tuna in water and vegetable oil, according to the Associated Press (AP). In addition to disposing of the tuna, the wire service advised customers to contact the San Diego-based company for a refund.