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Dr. Karjoo Has Words of Hope for His Morgellons Patients

March 13, 2013

Renowned pathologist Dr. Karjoo is on a one-man mission to eradicate this devastating disease

LOS ANGELES, March 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Rahim Karjoo is used to hearing the word “no”. After years of intensive research, he identified the causes of Morgellons disease, only to hear the naysayers in the medical community say, “No, there is no such thing.” After effectively creating a Morgellons cure and using it to successfully treat his own patients, he continues to hear the cynics and the critics say, “No, there is not enough evidence.” He has banged the drum on Morgellons for years, but his admonitions fall on deaf ears.

As a medical professional dedicated to changing lives, Dr. Karjoo doesn’t take offense when his peers disagree with his conclusions. He doesn’t mind the constant refrain of “No! No! No!” for his own sake. What does bother him is when the people suffering from this debilitating disease have to hear the word “no”. These people are tired, he says, of fighting all on their own. They have been rebuffed and dismissed for too long. And so it is with great pride and excitement that Dr. Karjoo can now say “yes” – yes to the patients who have lived with terrible, persistent symptoms, yes to the patients who are looking for answers, yes to the patients who are desperate for a cure. Finally, thanks to Dr. Karjoo’s lifelong commitment, people with Morgellons are seeing a glimmer of hope.

Dr. Karjoo has identified the causes of Morgellons as exogenous in nature. Certain mundane items that are ubiquitous in the modern world – from cell phones to cosmetics – produce silicone dioxide, a contaminant that can manifest terrible physical symptoms ranging from gastric and respiratory issues to skin lesions. By targeting the proximate causal factors responsible for this condition, Dr. Karjoo has been able to determine a proper treatment for his patients. He encourages people who think they may be suffering from Morgellons to contact him for a FREE initial consultation and possible further testing, to determine conclusively if it is indeed Morgellons, or another medical issue requiring a different treatment.

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Karjoo’s medical background, his research, and his track record in treating Morgellons disease, visit online at www.morgellonsmedicalcenter.com. Here you will also find extensive information on the disease itself, including possible causes and typical symptoms.Stop settling for “no”, and get the help you need from Dr. Rahim Karjoo.

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