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Biovista and DART Therapeutics Enter into Drug Repositioning Collaboration Targeting Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

March 26, 2013

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia and CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts, March 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

DART Therapeutics Inc., an innovative, new-model biotechnology firm focused on
developing therapies for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), and Biovista, a leader in
systematic drug repositioning, announced today that they have entered into a research
collaboration to identify and develop novel drug repositioning candidates for DMD using
Biovista’s Clinical Outcome Search Space (COSS)(TM) technology. Under the terms of the
agreement, Biovista will identify novel repositioning candidates and DART Therapeutics
will have the option to select a certain number for further development. The terms of the
agreement include an upfront and downstream success payments.

“Drug repositioning is a major approach in our overall strategy to identify novel
treatments for DMD as efficiently as possible,” said Gene Williams, chief executive
officer of DART Therapeutics. “Biovista and the COSS technology are leaders in systematic
repositioning, ensuring for us the broadest possible coverage of repositioning
opportunities that can have real impact for patients and their families awaiting treatment
for DMD.”

“DART Therapeutics represents a unique model, being the development arm of a major
patient advocacy group. Their leadership in DMD is an excellent compliment to our drug
repositioning capabilities,” said Aris Persidis, President of Biovista. “We believe that
these types of collaborations are indicative of stakeholders looking to develop therapies
in a novel manner that more directly addresses their specific needs, and we look forward
to working with DART Therapeutics.”

About Biovista

Biovista is a privately held biotechnology company that finds novel uses for existing
drugs and profiles their side effects using their mechanism of action. Biovista develops
its own pipeline of drugs in CNS, oncology, auto-immune and rare diseases. Biovista is
collaborating with biopharmaceutical companies on indication expansion and de-risking of
their portfolios, with the FDA on adverse event prediction, and with Patient Advocacy
Groups using drug repositioning. (http://www.biovista.com).

About DART Therapeutics

DART Therapeutics Inc., Cambridge, Mass., is a biotechnology firm applying a new model
for drug development to rare pediatric neuromuscular diseases. In the DART model, patient
foundations join with biotechnology industry veterans to impact a central problem in rare
diseases: Rapid therapy development. DART is focused on DMD, a fatal neuromuscular disease
for which there is no effective treatment. (http://www.dartrx.com).

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