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Million Dollar Global Investment Competition Announced Today In Nashville By Cumberland Center and The Global South Summit

March 26, 2013

NASHVILLE, Tenn., March 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — International thought leaders and representatives from the annual Global South Summit www.globalsouthsummit.com gathered in Nashville today for the announcement of a million dollar global investment competition for a transformative innovation in food or healthcare. Application for the competition is open to innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, and startup businesses from around the world. This new Innovation Challenge is the first major outcome of the inaugural Global South Summit which took place in November 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee. The 2013 Summit will take place November 11-12.

The Global Food & Health Innovation Challenge is an investment initiative that identifies breakthrough prototypes, technologies or early-stage ventures that hold the promise of transformative impact on health and food, are scalable into business enterprises, and represent a new dynamic model for global prosperity. The goal is to recognize investment recipients and top finalists at the next Global South Summit this November.

The investment is capped at $1Million per innovation, or depending on the business concepts vetted, may be divided into multiple investments of smaller amounts. Based on the proposals received, the total funds invested may exceed a million dollars. The Challenge is made possible by a combination of TNInvesCo Funds, Private Equity Funds, Angel Investors and the Nashville Entrepreneur Center.

For general investment guidelines go to www.GFHIChallenge.com for detailed information regarding investment applications, timelines, rules, formats and FAQ’s will be posted online by April 22, 2013 which is when the site will officially go live. No submissions for the Global Food and Health Innovation Challenge will be accepted prior to the online posting of details and forms.

Dr. Scott T. Massey, Director, Cumberland Center, said, “The Cumberland Center is delighted to announce the Global Food and Health Innovation Challenge. We hope this initiative inspires people around the world to use their ingenuity and enterprise to create abundant food, health, and shared prosperity.”

Ana C. Rold, publisher of the Diplomatic Courier, a strategic partner of the Summit said, “At Diplomatic Courier, we have embarked on a study of critical trends that will change or revolutionize the future, among them food, health, and energy. If the world in 2050 will reach nine billion and if agricultural output needs to double by then to feed a growing world the solutions must come from a collaboration of media, academics, practitioners, governments, and non-profit leaders who transcend their respective disciplines to create a consortium of no precedence. The Global South Summit has achieved just that in its inaugural gathering, to gather these forces to prepare for a world of nine billion inhabitants. We are proud to play our part in this multi-year public-private partnership.”

The Global South Summit is an annual global C-level leadership event held in Nashville, Tennessee to address major innovation-based opportunities that create abundance.

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