Home Sleep Testing Applications Go Beyond the Sleep Center

April 3, 2013

According to Dr. Benjamin Gerson, medical director of University Services Sleep Diagnostic & Treatment Centers, the uses for home sleep testing are not just in the clinical setting, but also in identifying fatigued transportation workers as well as improve participants´ results in weight management programs. Dr. Gerson highlighted these points at two speaking engagements last month.

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) April 03, 2013

At two speaking engagements last month, Dr. Benjamin Gerson, medical director of University Services, demonstrated that home sleep testing can be used to diagnose fatigued transportation workers with a sleep disorder as well as assist participants in weight management programs to achieve greater weight loss. Home sleep testing has been found in the sleep center clinical setting as a successful tool for to help diagnose an individual with a sleep disorder. Now advances in medical technology allow these devices to be used in various applications.

Dr. Gerson explained during the midyear meeting of the Transportation Safety Division of the National Safety Council in Alexandria, VA, how fatigue in transportation workers affects workplace productivity and can lead to increased errors. In order to combat this, home sleep testing has been introduced by employers as a quick and efficient way to diagnose an employee with a sleep disorder called sleep apnea. Employees do not miss time away from work and the device is easily applied to the employee with a chain of custody device to ensure the correct person is the one being tested. In addition, the device can be shipped anywhere across the country, which allows transportation workers access to care. University Services has developed a successful program that diagnoses and treats safety sensitive employees across the country and Dr. Gerson shared the success of the program at the meeting. “The nationwide home sleep testing model provided by University Services improves access, is convenient because we deliver by appointment, and is much less expensive than the traditional fixed site sleep center,” Dr. Gerson commented.

At the Villanova University College of Nursing MacDonald Center for Obesity Prevention and Education conference titled Weight Management: Tools to Engage and Sustain Behavior Changes, Dr. Gerson explained how home sleep testing improves weight management programs. “Two hormones, leptin and ghrelin, affect an individual´s internal hunger cues. Leptin, manufactured in fat cells attaches to receptors in the hypothalamus of the brain, inhibits appetite; ghrelin, manufactured in the stomach, likewise increases appetite. When an individual does not receive adequate sleep, these two hormones become unbalanced. Ghrelin and leptin lose the ability to correctly signal caloric need, not allowing one to feel full,” Dr. Gerson commented, “When the underlying sleep problem is corrected, leptin and ghrelin become balanced again and provide better results than trying to lose weight without addressing sleep concerns.” Dr. Gerson discussed how home sleep testing can easily be a part of an employer wellness program to help individuals correct their underlying sleep concerns in order to obtain better weight loss results.


About University Services

University Services, a physician owned and operated Pennsylvania Corporation, was organized in 1967 as a supplier of multi-specialty medical services. The company´s main activities are related to sleep medicine and toxicology services. The sleep medicine division provides sleep diagnostic and treatment services through American Academy of Sleep Medicine accredited sleep centers as well as nationwide scoring and interpretation services for home sleep testing and nationwide treatment compliance services. The toxicology services division designs & implements substance abuse testing programs, provides national and international Medical Review Officer Services, orders and reviews biometric screening data, and reviews chronic pain management drug screens.

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