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Santa Clara Dentist, Dr. Alan Frame, Uses Dental Implants to Restore Missing Teeth

April 9, 2013

SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Alan Frame, Santa Clara cosmetic dentist, places dental implants for patients who have lost one or more teeth. Implants are metal rods that are placed into the jaw bone, providing a stable base for a crown. These implants are popular with patients because they are permanent solutions for missing teeth.

Implants have many advantages over the traditional solutions for replacing missing teeth, such as bridges or dentures. Because the implants are placed directly in the jaw, the bone grows over them, creating a tight bond that holds the rod in place. These rods usually last a lifetime and do not need to be replaced. In addition, implants look and feel completely natural, and they do not slip or affect the speech. Finally, implants do not require any special care. The patient can brush and floss around the implant in the same manner as their natural teeth.

The process for placing a dental implant takes 3 or more office visits. During the first visit, Dr. Frame will take images of the jaw to determine if dental implants are a good option for the patient, and if so, what type of implant will be most effective. The second visit is when the implant is placed. After this visit, the jaw bone requires three to six weeks to heal. When the bone has healed around the implant, Dr. Frame will place the crown atop the implant, completing the process.

In addition to implants, Dr. Frame, Santa Clara Invisalign provider, performs a number of other cosmetic and general dental procedures. He performs teeth whitening, places fixed or removable dental bridges, performs tooth cleaning and routine examinations, fits patients with Invisalign aligners, and much more.

About Dr. Alan Frame, DDS, Dentist Santa Clara

Dr. Frame began his career in 1997, when he finished his General Practice Residency at UCLA. The year before, he graduated with highest honors from the Dental School at the University of the Pacific.

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