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SafeCode Drug Technologies to Hire Project Manager to Market FDA Approved Painless Injection Device

April 17, 2013

JERUSALEM, April 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

SafeCode Drug Technologies Corp. (OTCBB: SAFC), a developer of technologies that
reduces errors and eliminates pain during the administration of prescription medications,
announced today that the company intends to hire a Project Manager to oversee and
implement a marketing strategy to commercialize its newly acquired painless injection

The company’s new technology is fully approved by the Federal Drug Administration
(FDA), and has demonstrated itself to be safe and effective in actively reducing pain
during the administration of blood tests, lanching and injections – a daily reality for
many during ongoing medical care.

Both EZJect and Quickool – the newly acquired technologies – received FDA approval for
commercialization in 2007.

“To acquire technology that already has FDA approval, is a major step toward full
commercialization in the United States,” said Akiva Schonfled, Chief Executive Officer of
SafeCode Drug Technologies. “These technologies have applications in hospitals, doctor’s
offices and clinics, in addition to the at-home, individual care markets. We are confident
that with the right project manager in place, we can implement a winning commercialization

About SafeCode Drug Technologies

SafeCode Drug Technologies is the developer of patent-pending technologies that reduce
errors and eliminate pain during the administration of prescription medications. The
company’s initial technology is voice-activated administration technology that ensures the
proper medication is administered to the proper patient. The company’s newly acquired
EZJect technology eliminates pain during blood tests and injections.

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        CEO, Akiva Schonfled

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