Dr. Gary McClain of JustGotDiagnosed.com Offers New Perspective on Adult Children and Parents

May 14, 2013

Dr. Gary McClain has published a new article, “What we get from our parents” on his website, JustGotDiagnosed.com, with guidelines for adults for gaining perspective on the influence their parents had on their lives.

(PRWEB) May 14, 2013

Dr. Gary McClain has published a new article, “What we get from our parents” on his website, JustGotDiagnosed.com. A specialist in the emotional impact of chronic and catastrophic illnesses, Gary McClain, PhD, developed JustGotDiagnosed.com to address a serious need he saw going unfulfilled; namely, a way for newly-diagnosed patients to receive help in coping with their emotional reactions to their diagnosis. Dr. McClain also blogs on the online patient community site, AllianceHealth.com.

“I was looking at my schedule for this month and I noticed Mother´s Day, with Father´s Day close behind,” McClain said. “I don´t have my parents anymore, and holidays always bring up a lot of memories of times we spent together. Along with what I learned from them, what I wish I had learned, what was best about our relationship. It´s just human nature to gaze into that rear view mirror, and to revisit the influence that our parents had on our lives.”

Parents leave all kinds of legacies,” he continued. “Physical and mental illness may also be passed on from parents to children. So the gifts the give us may not exactly be gifts we would have chosen to receive. Thanks for the diabetes, Mom. Thanks for the high blood pressure, Dad. Or, why do we all seem to be so depressed in this family?”

McClain provides guidelines for gaining a perspective on the role of parents, including:

1.    Understanding one´s parents, what their lives were like growing up and how this impacted the choices they made for themselves and their children.

2.    Accepting that people are who they are, including parents.

3.    Healing by choosing to move forward in life, to choose to leave the pain behind, and to embrace one´s own personal power to impact the future.

4.    Having compassion for oneself and for others, letting go of blame, criticism, and resentment.

5.    Shifting one´s viewpoint away from limitations and toward possibilities.

6.    Reaching out for support, from caring friends and family members, as well as a mental health professional.

“After all, parents are human,” McClain concluded. Good, bad, imperfect“¦ sometimes terribly damaged. Life is what our parents give us. It´s our job to make the most of our lives.”

About Dr. Gary McClain and JustGotDiagnosed.com

Dr. Gary McClain is a therapist, educator, patient advocate and author who specializes in working with individuals who have been diagnosed with chronic and catastrophic medical conditions, focusing on issues that include coping emotionally, gathering information, making lifestyle and treatment decisions, managing relationships, and communicating with healthcare professionals. As “Dr. Gary,” he blogs on patient social networking boards on AllianceHealth.com. Founded and developed by Dr. McClain, JustGotDiagnosed.com offers information, guidance and inspiration for newly diagnosed patients, their caregivers, and healthcare professionals. His program for newly-diagnosed patients, Prepared for the Road Ahead , is focused on the emotional, lifestyle management, communications, and vision for the future. Visit JustGotDiagnosed.com.

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