May 17, 2013

For Adults Who Are Losing Their Minds: Announcing BrainTrain’s New Cognitive Training/EEG Brainwave Biofeedback Combo

BrainTrain, Inc., announces the release of four new computerized “brain gyms” for adults. BrainTrain´s Memory and Attention Gyms can be used in conjunction with easy-to-use brainwave biofeedback training.

Richmond, VA (PRWEB) May 17, 2013

BrainTrain, Inc., is proud to announce the release of four new computerized “brain gyms” designed specifically for adults. BrainTrain´s Memory and Attention Gyms are unique in that they can be used in conjunction with easy-to-use brainwave biofeedback training. In addition, they provide an in-depth mental gym of game-like, cognitive training exercises for people with a wide range of cognitive abilities. The option of including EEG training helps the user learn to achieve a more relaxed, focused, receptive learning state while building brainpower.

On the average, people over 30 lose 10% of their working memory ability for each decade of life, making it more difficult with each passing decade to learn new material and “think on their feet.” This means that by their mid-eighties most adults have lost almost half of their original working memory capabilities. This decrease occurs primarily because of the significant loss of white matter, the part of the brain that insulates the connections between neurons.

Research published in the American Journal of Alzheimers and Other Dementias used BrainTrain´s MindPower Builder software to show that cognitive functioning can be preserved in mildly and moderately impaired seniors through the use of computer-based cognitive training exercises combined with traditional cognitive therapy activities (Preserving Cognition Through an Integrated Cognitive Stimulation and Training Program. June/July 2009 vol. 24 no. 3 234-245). Memory tests and dementia rating scales showed significant improvements, and these increases in brain functioning were found to be maintained with no additional treatment when patients were reassessed eight weeks later.

The prevalence of Alzheimer's disease is expected to triple by 2050. This staggering increase in the number of dementia patients represents a huge personal and fiscal burden for the healthcare system as well as for families and caregivers. A recent NIH funded study completed by Duke University researchers found that computerized cognitive training was one of the three most promising interventions for delaying or reducing the symptoms of dementia. Other important components were regular physical exercise and good dietary habits, including Omega-3 supplements.

According to Dr. Joseph Sandford, BrainTrain´s founder and president, “BrainTrain´s Memory and Attention Gyms are based on the science of brain neuroplasticity, which is well supported by numerous scientific studies. If you don´t use it, you lose it. By stimulating the brain to build new neuronal connections, these Gyms fundamentally change the way the brain processes information. Plus, they´re fun!”

Three of the four BrainTrain Gyms are designed to meet the growing need for professional cognitive exercises to stimulate executive brain functioning in adults with mild traumatic brain injuries, ADD/ADHD, and age-related cognitive impairment (Mild Cognitive Impairment, or “MCI”). The fourth provides challenging mental exercises for high functioning adults who want to maintain their mental acuity as they age. Fully functioning trial versions of the software may be downloaded free at:

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Founded by a neuropsychologist in 1989, BrainTrain, Inc., is known worldwide for its award-winning cognitive testing, reading and brain-training software for all ages.

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